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15 Oct 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Rob_Smith, Michael_Lagally, Jack_Dickinson, Jennifer_Lin, Michael_McCool, Chris_Needham, Tomoaki_Mizushima
kaz, mlagally


<kaz> scribenick: kaz


McCool: had joint meeting with APA WG
... also PBG
... got various use case proposals

Lagally: concrete contributions expected?

McCool: yes, e.g., from Daihei Shiohama

Lagally: great

Jennifer: planning to work on geospatial use cases but still need to work

McCool: no problem
... note that we're planning to have joint discussion with the Spatial Data IG at some point

Jennifer: ok

Lagally: would make sense to add your topic for the meeting in 2 weeks?

Jennifer: ok

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Lagally: any objections?



Lagally: approved


Kaz: the point is that there were a bunch of possible use cases from the Singapore Geospatial Week but we don't need to collect all of them

Lagally: wondering about the style of McCool's comment

Kaz: will change the style from "irc" to "phone"

Lagally: ok

McCool: that is the comment I directly typed into the IRC

Lagally: ok
... let's keep it asis then

Kaz: on the other hand, second comment by McCool inserted later is the one I myself added since it was missing, so will fix the style

Lagally: ok
... approved


Lagally: pre-meeting for the TPAC joint discussions
... any objections?


vF2F discussion - remaining topics

<inserted> scribenick: mlagally

Kaz: rob, can you please present your slides and use case.md?

Rob: yes
... Key use cases: Golden tutorial and virtual guide
... golden tutorial is using AR, proof of action, capture format for AR debug to allow sync of data
... recording video and feeds input data to AI to produce an overlapped image
... this not a replacement for AR markup language
... combination of recorded video and recorded sensor data to live AR system
... virtual guide
... audio track provides guidance, provides triggers for virtual guides
... sync with map
... this could also be used for medical use cases
... camera with AR shows bones or areas where to give an injection
... an AR camera could be pointed to a real world object, guidance could be given how to use that object
... i.e. control the Web of Things thing
... can also be synchronized with an annotated map
... AR overlay on the video shows a model and some additional linformation

McCool: this seems to require geolocation, slam?
... slam may require significant computation, edge computing use case.

<inserted> kaz: yeah, so Rob has created a use case MD on vertical aspect and myself created another use case MD from horizontal viewpoint including geolocation collaboration

Lagally: are you using standard for geolocation?

Rob: we are defining WebVMT is JSON based but not pure JSON

<kaz> Rob's proposed breakout session

Rob: allows encapsulating data, see GeoJSON example

McCool: you are having streaming data in chunks, similar to events that was done by Mozilla
... is it a protocol for sending events as JSON chunks?

Rob: yes
... how do you do duration?

McCool: need to consider, not handling it currently
... can events be queued out of order?

Rob: why do you need that?

mccool, some serialisation may change the order

Rob: events typically are in order, need to think about it

Kaz: I invited Rob to explain how synchronisation in media happens, this can be very useful for WoT
... 3D model could also be interesting

Rob: absolutely

<kaz> PR 62 - Rob's use case description

<kaz> PR 61 - Kaz's use case description

<inserted> scribenick: kaz

Kaz: Rob's use case is more application specific
... my use case is more horizontal UI platform

Lagally: wondering about how to deal with realtime video streams. don't want to look into the details of video codecs

Kaz: related to WN discussion too
... possibly Web Transport could be considered
... would refine my use case description
... also will talk with Rob about how to proceed
... maybe we can compile those two PRs
... or should continue to improve both the PRs separately

Accessibility use cases

McCool: bunch of discussion during the joint meeting with APA
... captured issues on the repo

Issue 64

McCool: would be useful to automotive environment too
... planning to have a followup meeting in Dec
... during the PlugFest call on Dep-9

Lagally: ok
... btw, what do you mean by "Publishing, including recipes"?

McCool: related to the use cases discussed during the PBG joint meeting

Lagally: ok
... let's revisit this topic during the next UC call in 2 weeks
... tx a lot for your contributions, all!


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Summary of Resolutions

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