WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

07 Oct 2020


janina, George, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Judy, Kim, James, Tzviya, Brent, Michael, Jeanne
George, judy, Kim


<George> Hum, am I in the wrong zoom meeting?

<Judy> intro videos up

<Judy> ac videos up

<Judy> call for break outs still open

<Judy> communication accessibility options

<George> Scribe: George

JB: Who can join on Oct 28?


OK, next call will be October 28 at our normal time.

TPAC https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/

<janina> Pronunciation https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/apa-pronunciation.html

<janina> Personalization https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/apa-personalization.html

Link to TPAC was provided. You will start to see things showing up. Things will be prerecorded, so please review. This will provide a "golden hour" where we can get great work done.

Please infuse accessibility issues in the meetings you attend.

<jamesn> https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/SocialEvent.html

James: I am having trouble getting in to the TPAC area, because of some kind of credential issue.

JB: I will follow up on that with the team.

GK: Do people need to register?

JB: Please register and viewing documents will be then available.

Jean: How are we going to get the zoom information.

It is on the page

JB: The schedule is still being completed in the next few weeks.

JS: It would be good to get everything on one page so we don't need to go to multiple places to get the information.
... I may have somebody who needs captioning.

MC: we will talk about these requests today.

Where you need captioning, please make sure you are running on the W3C Zoom option.

JB: They did send out clarification on the Zoom options.

If anything comes up, do you know where to go?

If you run into problems with logistical, there is a TPAC question info on the registration. You could also post to team email list.

Publications and announcements https://www.w3.org/wiki/WAI/announcements

JB: I will raise the issue about a question item on the TPAC page.
... Thank you for to those who are working on messaging for 3.0.

If someone were trying to discover your WG or TF, could they easily figure out what you're working on?

People in the W3C space and a broader audience, I request that you look at your group pages and point to the wicki page you do your work.

Please make it clear for outisiders on what you are doing and do you show them what you want them to see.

What are the one or two things you would want people to make sure they see?

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/WAI/ARIA/

The ARIA page looks great.

MC: JS asked me to update it.

<Kim_patch> Judy: are pages representative?

<Kim_patch> Jeanne: main page of silver is good

<Kim_patch> Michael: send changes to me

<Kim_patch> Judy: good exercise to see if people can find your pages just from a search engine

<Kim_patch> Judy: good for people to check your own stuff for discoverability

Community Groups needing accessibility liaison

<Kim_patch> Judy: it's good work – help people find it, including the people who don't know where we are

<Kim_patch> Judy: topic that you need liaison for

<Kim_patch> Janina: fonts and text community group

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/community/font-text/

<Kim_patch> Judy: Jeanne would you be willing to take a delayed reminder to remind people about this group

<Kim_patch> Brent: my understanding is your wanting to know if there are accessibility people who can join in and be part of the group?

<Kim_patch> Judy: yes – one of APA working groups task is to periodically scan the community space, look for new groups or groups that are becoming significantly active that might have accessibility issues in them and try to find people in the accessibility community to be a liaison to or join the group – all hands welcome

<Kim_patch> Brent: I could mention this at our meeting on Friday EO to see if anyone would be interested in joining or helping

<Kim_patch> Judy: can do a blanket ask, but just trying to find someone, coordinate with Jeanne

US -- ADA/Web bill

<Kim_patch> Janina: we are pretty up-to-date with the scanning – don't expect to go back until next year

<Kim_patch> Judy: the US is a very litigious society. There's been a problem in recent years with drive-by lawsuits about web accessibility – lawsuits that are filed on fairly narrow basis, and then organizations approached to say have to make this conformance. Now legislation at the national level that might make it very hard to file a complaint

<Kim_patch> Judy: I have not looked at it carefully. Sometimes W3C is requested to provide a technical interpretation. We obviously cannot speak with regard to any particular policy position. But I wanted to make sure the people are aware of it. I also wanted to invite people – if you are hearing things about to pass along please do, especially if you are hearing misunderstandings about W3C– about how our conformance model works

Engine monoculture and assistive technology

<Kim_patch> Judy: this is the start of a conversation. As we look ahead over the next few years there's an expectation that the number of browsers may reduce from a few to one and one of the issues there is but are the implications in terms of space for leveraging improvements for accessibility or any other area

<Kim_patch> Judy: it's not only browsers there other things such as videoconferencing platforms

<Kim_patch> Judy: to what extent does that affect what we can try to go for

<Kim_patch> Judy: Jeanne, in silver how much can you say about browsers, Kim, mobile space, publishing space dominant players

<Kim_patch> Judy: would it be useful to analyze how we can Leverage opportunities for improvement even when there are not as many players as in the past

<Kim_patch> Judy: comments or questions on that

<Kim_patch> Jeanne: it would be very interesting to see how UAAG would be positioned in that new environment. I'm taking a guess of who the last man standing would be. Because that organization was supportive of UAAG and has been slowly implementing portions of it. It would be interesting to revisit strategically

<Kim_patch> Tzviya: assistive technology is one of the greatest examples in W3C of non-browser implementations. I think that it's a great opportunity to show people that the web is bigger than browsers

<Kim_patch> Tzviya: great opportunity to show people how we don't necessarily Lie on browsers for implementations.

<tzviya> s/lie/rely

<Kim_patch> Judy: Is there a way we can do some assessment this year so starting the following year we could be more proactive – kind of analysis. Potential objective to do some analysis and discussions this year to try to sort out the coming year

<Kim_patch> Jeanne: yes, particularly as we are trying to roll some of the UAAG requirements into silver

<Kim_patch> Judy: and to some extent looking ahead

<Judy> scribe: judy

Kim: I think it's a really good idea to take a fresh look at UAAG
... with ASR, there were four engines in the beginning; but when it went down to one, development slowed, and it became harder for user needs to get captured
... cautionary tale
... for mobile, it's a similar scenario
... good to re-assess UAAG

two separate things: mobile -- similar to desktop -- good to relook at uaag; separately, yes, cautionary tale

<Kim_patch> Judy: are there any other comments on this for now?

Conference presence

<brentb> No presentation from EO

<Kim_patch> Jeanne: I haven't heard anyone else talking about silver

<Kim_patch> Judy: groups is one way where people can catch updates – we are trying to think about whether to piggyback on things more deliberately or try to do some of our own. If this period of even semi-lockdown continues were going to have an increasing fragmentation in the field

<Kim_patch> Judy: topic for another call

<scribe> scribe: Kim

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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