RPC Breakout

28 Sep 2020


Ted, Glenn, Ulf, MagnusG, MagnusF, Gunnar, Jon


<scribe> Meeting: RPC and Service Catalog

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MagnusF: Gunnar and Tobias made strong cases for WAMP and clear indicator. gRPC packaging was a strong pull
... I think I'm leaning toward WAMP. it not having an interface definition language is an asset for us
... I think Gunnar is right

Gunnar: interesting...
... I have not doubled down, just presented an option and provided a reminder

MagnusF: are there other protocols worth exploring further?


Ted: as mentioned we want to explore such as aligning RPC and Gen2 architectures, consider what we can do to bring Gen2 and WAMP closer together
... for RPC we should develop use cases further as well, and can then test our hypothesis with WAMP as a contender
... very curious how WAMP and Gen2 can compliment or latter can sit on former, perhaps leverage some of his pieces or at least draw from their experiences
... thanks Gunnar for intro

Gunnar: I spoke with him awhile ago and looped him in more from possible bug report and stand corrected
... we can reuse the router within server or even message format

Ulf: I think you are touching on something here
... there are differences between WAMP (three party architecture) compared to two party
... it would be interesting to have some higher level architecture alternates, this broker can come in at different places
... might be shoe-horning, maybe valuable

Gunnar: I think it might be fairly easy looking at the messaging format, likely similar to our client/server JSON
... rest is just more flexibility for future
... having routed RPC is a feature we may not need but it is available
... producer and consumer do not need to know each other

Ted: I do not have the exact details but when going over the list of our current issues with Tobias brought up push vs pull
... without an open port, perhaps polling client (in cloud for off boarding use case), can have a pull initiated and push data?

MagnusF: it seems like WAMP also supports native TCP real use possibilities
... this may follow SomeIP

Ted: they can also do UDP

MagnusF: there are weird firewall rules for mobile connections

Ted: should I setup a VM for prototyping with WAMP or is that too soon? lets focus on use cases more first perhaps

MagnusF: reached out to my Waymo contact and got response that now not the right time

Ted: I'll be speaking with Patrick Bartsch on Wednesday, formerly VW, recently left JLR and at Amazon now

Use cases and other stakeholders


Ted reiterates request of getting stakeholders we want using this involved, be sure we are creating something suitable from their perspective

Glenn: one of the interested parties is power utilities so they can do their load balancing better
... that would be a good collaborative use case as EVs are on the uptake

Ted: I worked for a power company way back then... Kevin can maybe help as EV and grid cybersecurity is in his purview

Glenn: I will talk to our business people and see if they have anyone in mind

Ted: I'll add use case to our wiki


Glenn: with only 3% EVs not an issue yet but as the adoption increases that will be more critical

Jon: I may have a few use cases I can share next time
... EV home charging certainly one

MagnusF: do we want to approach fleet managers?
... eg zipcar

Jon: yes

MagnusF: car2go seems to have gone down, getaround

Ted: I have an old contact at Zipcar, more policy focused

MagnusF: I Have someone at getaround perhaps
... not sure about new management, environment, etc

Glenn: we can talk to Enterprise and can look at others

Jon: I'll see if I can find the right person on our end regarding who might be interesting participants

Next steps: flush out use cases more, reach out to potential stakeholders to further them

Gunnar: formalize the YAML tree and how to implement

MagnusF: there is a validator available inside JLR and see if Steven can open it up

Next steps (contd): WAMP tour from Tobias

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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