23 Sep 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Kunihiko_Toumura, David_Ezell, Daniel_Peintner, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Ege_Korkan, Jennifer_Lin, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Takahisa_Suzuki, Zoltan_Kis, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Tetsushi_Matsuda, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Dave_Raggett


<kaz> scribenick: cris


McCool: no guest today

Previous minutes

<inserted> Sep-16

McCool: please expand Clerley name

Kaz: sure

McCool: any concerns about the minutes?
... ok published

How to deal with draft minutes

McCool: As chairs we want to align with standard w3c process about discussion policies

(So the draft minutes will be sent to the WoT-IG/WG public list from now on.)

Quick updates

McCool: we exchanged some emails with the CEO of Hexagon. I think the logical thing to do is to invite them to the use case call
... maybe after the F2F
... There's also another group from Singapore. We might meet with them after F2F
... any other updates?
... ok

Upcoming events

McCool: Dave will participate in AIOTI event. There also the Smart City week and an IETF meeting in November
... any other event?

David: is JSON schema happening F2F in person?

McCool: no it might be happen in the WISHI meeting

Publication schedule update

McCool: we schedule to publish this week, but the task force are not quite ready

Sebastian: the TD task force will merge some PRs. By the end of this week will polish a little the bit the text and then we are ready to publish.

McCool: we should request the URL proactively so that we are ready when the text is in a good shape

Kaz: we should wait group approval
... also we should ask everybody to review the drafts

McCool: discovery is not ready. I don't know if the other documents are


McCool: there is a problem with the registration. you can't pick F2F and plugfest. Please choose F2F
... also not all the joint sessions are listed.
... please register there if you're planning to attend them
... plugfest organization is behind the schedule. Today we'll try to keep up.

<kaz> TPAC registration site (Member-only)

McCool: there a long todo list
... if somebody want to volunteer please let me know
... I propose to cancel some meetings to keep us focus on the PlugFest

Daniel: scripting call will happen

McCool: use case and architecture wil be taking place
... what about the TD call?

Sebastian: it depends. We'll probably decide in the TD meeting


McCool: we create a breakouts wiki. we need to decide the time. Kaz created a doodle

<kaz> Doodle for breakouts

McCool: we also trying to call videos in the marketing repository

<kaz> Breakout session wiki (deadline is Oct 19)

McCool: they might be usesuf for breakouts/TPAC
... I did a short intro video

<kaz> Video area

McCool: I made a power point voice over. It is useful because it can be exported to mp4
... if you have a video please made a PR in wot-marketing videos

Proposed topics F2F meeting

McCool: during the TD call could please finalize the time you need.

Sebastian: yes

McCool: try to aim for 3 hours
... if you have conflicts please fill the right section on the wiki
... kaz, should we use zoom instead of webex?
... do we want to have video or not during the meeting?
... if we have video zoom is better
... however, some companies might not allow zoom. Intel is ok using zoom for public meetings

Zoltan: there are also other options; like teams

Sebastian: why do we need other software for meeting?

McCool: because video is not so good with webex

Sebastian: siemens don't like zoom too much

Ege: let's try with webex I used it and it works

<kaz> ACTION: kaz to allocate webex calls for WoT vF2F days

Joint meetings

McCool: we planned a long list of joint meetings. Some of them are well organized others needs more work.
... to create agenda items just create an issue and add a label with the joint meeting name
... on the main call wiki you can find the current status
... PING people prefer to use issue tracker rather than do a joint call
... we Publishing BG we'll not have a joint call but they will join one of our meetings
... any update on JSON-LD group

Sebastian: we are wating for the perfect timings. a doodle will be shared

McCool: sebastian could you organize JSON-LD meeting

Sebastian: sure

McCool: about Pune meeting it is very unlikely that we could meeting in person... but anyway let see

TF reports

<inserted> [Scripting]

Zoltan: we still finishing the review process of the document. please check the documents and provide your feedback

<inserted> [Security/Discovery]

McCool: for discovery we did some clean up and close some issue.
... tomura san made great diagrams

<inserted> [Marketing]

Sebastian: about the marketing call there weren't many people. We reviewed a PR made by Ege. Ege's collecting all the information in different wikis. The end goal is to move them in github
... we are waiting also for the explainer animation video.
... mozilla open the WoT project. it is now fully open source

<inserted> [PoC]

McCool: there was no poc call this week
... all the smart city discussion should be forked out, and Kaz is working on that

<inserted> [TD]

Sebastian: on TD call we discussed all the PRs for the next Public Draft. We now have fixed the rendering script.
... that PR blocked a lot of other PRs so now we can go ahead and merge them

McCool: I noticed a few problems. Including resurrection of old stuff. However is good.
... we decided to have an extra call this week. if you are interested in Agriculture please join.
... about architecture there were activity about the lifecycle.
... any other business?

<kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: kaz to allocate webex calls for WoT vF2F days

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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