WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

23 Sep 2020


shawn, Joshue, tzviya, janina, Brent, Jeanne, Judy, Kathy, Michael
janina, Judy, shawn


<janina> scribe: janina


Scribe, rrsagent, agenda, confirming next meeting

Next WAI CC will be October 7

Group participants all registered for TPAC registration open -- note communication accessibility provisions https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/

jb: Just a reminder, even for groups not meeting
... Please consider breakouts, as well as joint meetings
... And, some fun inbetween meetings options!
... Highlighting push for better a11y in virtual meetings, and we'll have ASR for fallback
... If captions needed for disability, please request that and note it's for disability reason as that brings a live captioner
... Have been encouraging W3C to offer sign language interpretation
... Reminds to capture this info if any in groups need this kind of support

ts: Notes we may need a11y training more available for people creating presentations
... eg. how to make Power Point accessible

<shawn> How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All https://www.w3.org/WAI/teach-advocate/accessible-presentations/

sh: Notes above lots of good info, though not much detail on Power Point. It does provide pointers, though
... Possibility of training for TPAC presenters ahead of TPAC

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say note specifics for ppt ; also training

<jeanne> +1 to Immersive Captioning CG

jb: Notes Immersive Captioning CG -- suggested captions for that telecon
... Really great research emerging from that cg

Diversity fund

jb: Reminds to check deadlines for registering, incl registering for accomodations

<tzviya> https://t.co/9Nej54VaZw

ts: broadened to include equipment, child care, etc
... could even include broadband enhancement

jb: reviews some ongoing activity relating to XR

jo: understanding some of the mechanics--where we want things to be would be helpful

jb: asks people are you aware of XR activity

+1 but not necessarily all activity

<shawn> Janina: some thing emerging out of XR may be requirements on other specs & protocols

<shawn> ... so need to sift what geso into what bucket

js: suggests we need to be mindful of what bucket what we discover belongs in; could be feature enhancements to html

<shawn> Janina: In RQTF - profound: been looking at what constutents synchronization with auduo & video - lip read - research indicates optimal comprehensive (for all people) is if video is miliseconds before audio

js: notes RQTF examined research indicating optimal comprehension when video is some ms ahead ov audio -- below 200ms

ts: noted overlap

kathy: currently looking for adding apps guidance

athy: not so much on XR

jb: notes consideration to resume wcag2ict, also for mobile
... notes need to coord before any resumption

jo: Notes XAUR recently updated working draft
... well received; good response

jb: invites all to review XAUR

<Joshue108> https://w3c.github.io/apa/xaur/

jb: a great way to consider use cases/scenarios vis a vis ... ... eg mobile

<shawn> https://www.w3.org/WAI/cc/wiki/WAI_Announcement_Drafts#Soon

mc: ARIA 1.2 CR ready
... Need to get transition request out ...
... Also possibly ARIA 1.3 FPWD

jo: data in draft announcements is there --- minimal announcement would be OK
... phps to wai-ig

sh: recall that we worked on that a few weeks ago
... believe we're all ready just didn't pull the trigger. will now do

mc: Got it out during APA call on the 12th!

jb: asks the mjinimal notice for heads up?

sh: if i don't need to do something immediately, email is best
... reminds people to keep "soon" and "later" pub calendar updated

jb: do you get auto updates?

sh: sometimes, but can't always tell--quick email is best

jb: asks for any coming pubs?

js: notes two upcoming APA videos

jo: more challenging than first thought

Publications and announcements

sh: Suggests video would be good on overview page, too!

[discussion of how to create useful videos going forward]

<Judy> scribe: Judy

All: Lots and lots of discussion about coordinating on videos between EOWG and other group

<scribe> scribe: Janina

jb: notes importance of epub paper and associated blog

Follow up on Daisy Paper

jb: asks TS whether tacking mobile; and asks Kathy how much tracking epub?

ts: depends

<shawn> scribe:shawn

kathy: implementation issue. all current work is applicable. if things to coordinate on, happy to

jb: should that come back up on this call later? when?

kathy: will connect w/ tzviya & report back later

Updates on new work

slh: EOWG lots



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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