26 Aug 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Jennifer_Lin, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_Lagally, Daniel_Peintner, Michael_McCool, Ege_Korkan, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Ryuichi_Matsukura, David_Ezell


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<inserted> Aug-19

McCool: Going over past minutes on 8/19

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McCool: publishing minutes

Upcoming events

McCool: Upcoming events reminder: API Spec Conference (Ege speaking)

Singapore Geospatial Week, TPAC 2020 Joint Meetings and Smart Cities Week

Upcoming calls

McCool: PlugFest call today (organizational)
... TD call is canceled
... Architectural Call confirmed from mlgally
... Use case call next week
... Need to send an ITU-T Liaison email to join

Publication schedule

McCool: Scripting call today: possible delay for WoT Scripting API by end of Sept 2020
... WoT Thing Description 1.1 is the highest priority
... Then updating WoT Architecture
... Intended to do a 2nd version of Architecture after the update

Lagally: Planning to have the first skeleton of Architecture by tomorrow

McCool: Use case document, when first draft?

Lagally: October time frame
... WoT Use Cases Note is an IG Note

Daniel: Prefer to postpone publication so there's a better aligned implementation
... Should be done by end by Sept

McCool: TPAC
... ToDo: Work on TPAC WoT IG/WG Agenda items
... not sure we can get all the joint meetings on one day (Oct 14)

<inserted> Joint meeting candidates

McCool: Collaborations, people should have meetings on the initial stage of collaborations
... Waiting for responses from other groups
... Doubt we'll have all these collaboration meetings on the 14th
... if you see other group sessions you want to organize, feel free
... We should create issues on issue trackers for each working group

<McCool> Use label like "WoT Joint Meeting"

<McCool> and create another issue under "wot" and link them to each other

McCool: (To Kaz) When Sebastian gets back we should put our heads together to optimize our procedure for tagged items

Lagally: We should proceed with the explainers we have and add deltas, a combined explainer document would require additional coordination etc.

McCool: yeah, let's start with a delta
... Put creation of explainers on to the agendas
... Plan to review the explainers on the TPAC session
... Look at TPAC agenda
... Proposed Topics per task force
... Architecture, Scripting, Security, Discovery, Plugfest Report
... Thing Description
... Collaboration Report: ITU-T, One DataModel, WISHI/IETF, Joint Meetings
... Tutorials
... Web Page Design
... Ideally there would be a linked issue tracker for all the above issues

Kaz: what about Use cases and Requirements?

McCool: Good point. BTW, regarding Requirements, which would be better having a document for Use Cases and Requirements? or Requirements as part of the Architecture?

Lagally: Table for discussion tomorrow

McCool: Each task force to fill in, ideally with links to issues and time estimates and proposed speaker

TF Reports

McCool: TF Reports

<kaz> [Scripting]

Daniel: had discussion with a guest form TUM. still need to improve the API design. also need implementations. removing write all, but we have read all/read multiple

<inserted> [Security]

McCool: Proposal for Security we're ready to merge soon
... appropriate to make all the fields in OAuth2 mandatory?
... Do we make things like authentication server optional?
... And if we do, are they authoritative?

<inserted> [Discovery]

McCool: Slowly making progress on the spec for Discovery
... Still working on Discovery API spec -- in flight
... Discovery semantic API is under heavy construction
... json path vs xpath
... leaning towards xpath

Daniel: plan to standardize json path

McCool: Concern is the timing if it can get done in time
... for now we'll just use xpath and SPARQL

<inserted> [Marketing]

McCool: Marketing - captured various responses to the animator
... Homework to do to collect TDs
... Daniel agreed to do a TD and node-wot temperature script

Daniel: I've contacted Christian Glomb about the slides, but the content was actually provided by Sebastian. On the other hand, Cristiano is helping me generate node-wot scripts.

McCool: Change from winemaker to vegetable grower
... We should get our act together on tutorials

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/tree/master/tutorials

<inserted> [PoC]

McCool: PoC: Hijacked PoC and talked about the Smart Cities Charter
... Not just WoT, everything related to Smart Cities
... [PlugFest/Test]/Testing: met last week
... Need to do more work today to define scenarios

<inserted> [TD]

McCool: Thing Description -- no call
... Will be call next week

<inserted> [Use Cases]

McCool: No calls
... for Use Cases

<inserted> [Architecture]

McCool: Architecture -- no calls - there will be a call tomorrow


Kaz: regarding the 3-min video on WoT asked by Ralph, it seems his intention is our own explaining the summary on what WoT is like rather than the explainer animation video. We can use WebEx or Zoom to record a session for that purpose.

<inserted> [main call adjourned, take an 8-minute break before the PlugFest call]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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