Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

13 Aug 2020


Abi, Jennie, stevelee, LisaSeemanKest, JustineP, kirkwood, Rachael
abi, steve


<LisaSeemanKest> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1luB5acAgKbEdIJbdecLUaNaCyuB_nM9sz-aWbwIyRZQ/edit?usp=sharing

<LisaSeemanKest> scribe: abi

Status updates and Actions - getting the different subgroups organized

<LisaSeemanKest> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/PlanningPage#Actions_2

Lisa: has updated the action list
... updated things that we have said we will do.

<stevelee> https://github.com/w3c/coga/issues

Lisa: I am adding labels to issues coming in to Github

<kirkwood> Jenny can work with you as well

Lisa: Abi and Jenny leading on glossary entries

Next action on glossary to update and clean up first version of the glossary that focuses on the important terms

Should consider adding new terms raised in issues

Jennie: originally list was 10 terms - have some already been added to the draft?

Lisa: has started to add the terms that we have finalised into the GitHub HTML version. But need to consider if these are finalised

Jennie: we need to make sure that organisations where they can comment on these definitions

<LisaSeemanKest> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/PlanningPage#Actions

Jennie: is that part all the drafting process

Lisa: I have added an action to agree the process. Lisa will put forward a suggestion for this

Abi & Jennie will send a new version to the list of items where comments still need to be discussed

<kirkwood> ABi and Jenny could you email about that meeting as well?

<kirkwood> Jenny/Jennie

<Jennie> Will do John K

<kirkwood> great

Lisa: we should also reviews the full list of the glossary. This would mean reviewing the spreadsheet

<kirkwood> seems like a huge task

Abi: can we ask WAI/W3C to ask for contributions to the glossary and what has already been complied. Rachael to follow up on this with WAI staff
... comment on reviewing the spreadsheet - need input from different countries and specialists

Lisa: will talk to Michael about whether the internationalisation group or others can contribute

<kirkwood> +1 to Jennie

Jennie: can we plan the glossary as a project thinking about the business requirements. We should work out what input we need from other groups

<stevelee> https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Accessibility_and_Inclusive_Design/Requirements_Analysis

Lisa: we should write a proposal of our requirements so that then when we engage with others they can add to it.

<LisaSeemanKest> ack s\

Jennie: suggest business requirements to also consider how we present the glossary as well


<kirkwood> +1

<kirkwood> I am interested

Jennie: will develop a first draft

I will contribute

Lisa: will send notes to Jennie

<kirkwood> yes

<kirkwood> fine for me to

Lisa: editorial review - Steve will present a list of for the final edit. Although more issues can be raised until 4th September

<stevelee> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/List_for_final_edit

<Jennie> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TeSP612Z9Zf7Srojdbq0te615CE0g5wB6puCBVLXziw/edit#

Lisa: image sub group have met and have agreed to collect a list of good/bad image examples
... we need to find examples that we can base mock-ups on. Plan to have a image of example page for where the objective is met and where it has not

<Jennie> I have time to add in more images

E.A.: has said that she can add an another example. But we need to consider what happens when more than 1 objective is covers by an example

Jennie: we discussed that we can take an image from the section of the site that meets the objective.

Lisa: EA to add her example. Jennie and John K to then look it before sharing with volunteering

<Zakim> Jennie, you wanted to discuss EA who is raising her hand in Zoom

Examples to be collated by 16th

<EA> +q

Correction - examples to be collated by 17th then John K and Jennie to put together instruction and ideas page for volunteers.

<LisaSeemanKest> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1luB5acAgKbEdIJbdecLUaNaCyuB_nM9sz-aWbwIyRZQ/edit

Lisa: have shared a doc summarising issues on navigation and COGA. There is likely to be a panel.

Please comment in doc or on the list

<LisaSeemanKest> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/Process_proposal

Process proposal shared by Lisa

Lisa: this covers the process for agreeing content. There are different levels of sign odd


Steve: where send feedback on the process?

Lisa: comments to the list and discuss next week

Rachael: if this is a formal decision proposal then the AGWG will also need to agree this. This has been requested for all task forces to improve transition between groups

Lisa: we will need to record all decisions

<LisaSeemanKest> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/List_for_final_edit#General_editorial

Steve: created a list. Taken view that this is the definition of done. Want clarification that this is the right approach
... have reviewed the WAI style guide to make sure we are consistent with it.

Lisa: concerned about the language in the document. Steve to add examples and links

Asking for comments and feedback

Send comments to the list

<JustineP> Apologies,

<JustineP> I need to drop a bit early

<stevelee> scribe:steve

<Jennie> Glossary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AuM-06Alk5VgVgFPTsJD2DcadIrcGIRVDcNgFwPiQRc/edit#heading=h.vifybsxkua2x

Early Stage Dementia Common impairments of early stage dementia include memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word. These may appear before a diagnosis of dementia. At this stage, these symptoms are often mild.

<stevelee> abi: no comments on "early stage dementia"

<stevelee> Lisa: good. Could add that people can be independence

<stevelee> s+

<LisaSeemanKest> +1

<stevelee> +1


<Jennie> +1

<Rachael> +1

<EA> +1 to problem of differentiation between Alzheimers and dementia

<LisaSeemanKest> +

<LisaSeemanKest> 0

<LisaSeemanKest> new version?

<EA> 0

<Rachael> 0

<kirkwood> 0

<Jennie> 0

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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