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Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

01 May 2020

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shawn, Laura, Howard, Brent, Estella, Mark, Hidde, Helen
Shadi, Sylvie, Daniel, Jennifer, Sharron, KrisAnne


ATAG report tool

<shawn> https://atag-report-tool.hdv.now.sh/

Hidde: There is a lot of work since last week. I put a link in the agenda Navigation overview and report. There are new names for the criteria and principles that have been modified.

There is a bunch of different updates and new updates that new update for discussion. Next week we can discuss specifications with the all group.

<scribe> new/need

Brent: Ant questions?


Brent: Thanks for the work Hidde new updates are coming

WAI curricula

Brent: Howard and Estella are in the group. If you have any update please let us know. We are currently working in the developers community. We have a template to invite experts to help with the curricula development. We want to target specific persons.

Try to target it to specific persons, unless you know a specific group.

Any questions on the invitation?

Feel free to invite people because work is planned for a large period of time.

Task force group aims to include success criteria in the learning outcomes. There is a need to define learning outcomes and the level of definitions. There is a need to get success criteria. Also it is important to make learning outcomes specific

The three areas are 1) how to include success criteria in learning outcomes, 2) making learning outcomes more specific and 3) use the word understanding in the learning outcomes.

<brent> Email about current Curricula questions: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-curricula/2020Apr/0015.html

Howard: understand is action oriented

Brent: You try to go away from ambiguos words such understanding
... Questions?

<shawn> Estella: we agree "understand" not good enough

Another bullet under the WAI curricula is that any participant can join the mailing list and watch the work that is being done.

Brent: Any questions about the WAI curricula?

WCAG supporting documents

Brent: Hidde will walk as thorough. Kevin today sent an email to editors about ideas and thoughts.

Hidde: He created a couple of scenarios to post to developers
... There are 2 new scenarios: one for university scenario, people teaching at university and the other is people new to accessibility. People new to accessibility from a developer perspective.

Brent: The term medior is used and is not common in the US

What is the solid definition of that terms?

I want to make sure that words are understandable. I was not familiar with that. I am fine using this word but not sure if it fits.

Howard: I do not think is much used in the US

Hidde: In the Netherlands it is used.

<shawn> [ mid-level ]

Brent: In the US is mid level and I am fine with whatever term

<Laura> I've heard mid-level developer but it's not used often

<shawn> Estella: have had this discussion - have expert, have educator, then mediators - the mediator does not do the action themselves, they communicate ...

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to respond to Estella

Shawn: I think that the word that Hidde used is too close to "mediator" and maybe it should be changed

This is the requirements analysis and will not be published.

Brent: If terminology is only at the requirement level then it is fine. We are not changing any documents.

Helen: It is important to defferentiate the level of expertise.

Brent: Any other comments or questions?
... We will look for further updates.
... I do not know the current timeline

Hidde: There is not a specific timeline

Re-Charter update

Shawn: Just to note that we renamed the group into accessibility education and outreach group

name change to "Accessibility Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG)"

Shawn: Comments on that?
... The advisory committee will approve or make objections

It is good to get supporting AC to complete the survey soon.

Shawn: I encourage to get to your AC rep to answer the survey. If any questions or issues, they can contact me directly.
... the review will be 6 weeks due to the COVID
... It is open until 12th of June and support statements are still welcome.

<brent> Estella: Our organization has already completed review survey.

Howard: I can also write something to interesting groups and ask for instance ACM recommendations

<shawn> 2017 examples of where resources uused https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/EOWG_Charter_2017_Additional_Information#W3C_Member_and_Community_Use_of_EOWG_Resources

Shawn: That is a good point at the moment we have the survey open for W3C members. But to have additional recommendations are good to have. We might need to more actively gather those soon, or maybe nice to have but not required now.

Brent: Thank you Shawn for the work on the Charter.

Helen: I would need to know the AC rep
... Also do we need more members in the EOWG? Even if they are not W3C members

Shawn: There is different criterias for members and non-members of W3C.

<shawn> general info -- https://www.w3.org/WAI/about/groups/eowg/participate/

Shawn: Everybody can look at the work for this week and see what we are working on.

<shawn> if you do not work for W3C member https://www.w3.org/WAI/about/groups/eowg/participate/#ie

Brent: If someone is not an organization member and wants to join then we really need comitment and be sure that they have the time for working on it.

Helen: I will forward the link to the interested persons.

Brent: Any additional thing?
... On work for this week we have the AC review and we need support statements. For the ATAG report tool we have additional four points for review.
... Same thing for the WAI curricula. If you know any possible expert that could join the group.
... We have also extended the online course until end of May.
... How many people have enrolled and how many people have completed?

Shawn: 11000 enrolled.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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