Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

25 Mar 2020


jasonjgw, janina, scott_h, SteveNoble, Joshue


Updates: publishing, Verifiable Credentials, etc.

<scribe> scribe: scott_h

<Joshue108> I've been in WebEx

RTC accessiblty requirements published

<scribe> completed, waiitng for public comments

still some work ongoing verifiable credentails APA community

when leads to RTQF< will resume comments

poeple who log in can't add labels

<janina> brb

Josh: can't put a label on github label, doens't seem to be possible

<janina> Comment is in a drop down combo box

judy: bakcground - some of github implementation, assignees and labels options re blocked

what can do is to use the @ and the name of the github user, note it ot them

someone else can put label on

josh: less than ideal,

judy: will look to workaround
... another opiton: ask people to mention RAUR in the subject line

janina: label should be a drop-down combo box

judy: dosn't active on some poeple's machine,

basically github bug

Accessibility of remote meetings.

jason: i took ideas form last meeting plus some of my own

made wiki, Judy and Scott made some improvements

are some qusitons noted for further discussion

judy: I'm grateful to jason for startign wiki within a few hours

would like to bring this up on other meetings

get it riculatable for draft input and attract comments

also getting out short, quick, early guidance

also drafting blog when remembing accessbility when pivoting to virtual

linking to this even though early

particularly interested in getting enoguh content

so people can see there it's going

few things worried about,

applicable WCAG 2.1 SC - might want to take a different approach

lists two SC but more likley half of the SC in WCAG 2.1

should we do that seciton differently?

<Joshue108> s/label shoudl/label should

Added a section possible candidate WCAG 2.2 SC

third, right now an additional issues section where nothing is sorted

so desparately needs sorting

comments not using common structure

point 4: need seciton on guidance for people using teleconference platforms

"here are the things to do...remember to do..."

point 5: RTC seciton: breakout of benefits,

jason: RTC component: should revisit it, look at other guidance applicable and exists

agree addiitonal issues need to be clarified further

put into secitons

judy: if you have time to do updates again it'd be great

<janina> https://mosen.org/zoom/

<Joshue108> SH: I can flesh that out into a section on Education context

<Joshue108> +1 to Judys point of a do's and don'ts for a11y

<Joshue108> Would be happy to help with.

scott: happyt o update educaiton point ot full seciotn

and support judy dos and dont's

judy: dev participatns experience in community gorup along similar lines,

I will forard that during this call

janina: put URI in IRC

pointer to a book by Joathan Mosan in using ZOom wiht a screen reader

a bit specific to JAWS and iOS but otherwise good

scott: android seems accessible too

janina: has mute audio button keeps being read out

judy: workshp best practice in wiki

janina: app bugs not to go in document

jason: I'll work on imrpoving it, any otehr actions?

look for other sources/guidance

judy: let's look at subheadings. Do we have them correct?

also noticed when editing, need a status seciotn

jason: jsut a colleciotn of note originally

judy: looking to add status, RTC could be retitled ot 'benefits of RTC for accessible videoconferenceing'

applicable WCAG 2.1 SC - agree or disagree that a lot fo WCAG paplies

jason: difference beween the UI applicalbe WCAG and the actual RTC elments in WCAG

judy: clarify?

jason: most WCAG applies to the UI, e.g. web or app interafce, but only two of actual meeting content has 2 WCAG apply

judy: also interesting ot look at ATAG and UAAG and MAUR
... any comments on headings?

josh: not really sure what's being asked

in terms of what we need to do, nee to be a bit forensic

highlight important work, e..g here's WCAG, here's user requiremtns

or try and ocme up with where there are issues

RTC document does highlight user needs

but overall not really clear what the purpose of this is

informative to say 'this needs attention'

or design for us to identify where there are gaps within stack of technologies

judy: multi-purpose, and part of it will be focusing on things we need to do artitecturally/technologies

not all video conferencing plaforms use RTC

this document may feed multiple other docuemtns

"if you're doing remote telefonerenceing, think of accessibilty"

and this document can be a starter so not just point to WCAG

josh: not sure if its presenting problem statement or asking question

judy: it's both

gathering place

judy: section for WCAG 2.2,

<Joshue108> SH: Would like to see something about LMS's.

<Joshue108> I've got contacts in this space.

<Joshue108> JB: Sounds like a header

<Joshue108> SH: Happy to work on that.

scott: education heading would be great, willing to put in content

judy: medical care going to telehealth platforms, privacy issues,

people with disabilities using medical communications due to alack of accessibility

e.g. can you implement captions into platform?

focus first on videoconferencing, on how people are wokring now

jason: start revising, take it ot mailing list for further revieions ove week

bring it back to the agenda for next weke

and keep mailing list conversation to get it better

multiplicity of purposes: informing people interested in accessiblity of RTC

and remote meeting related applications

judy: coudl we look at things I'd fflagged?

jason: sure

judy: teleconferences, vidoe conferences, distributed meetings: need to unify terminology

remote distriubted meetings

josh: happy for it to go

judy: distributed meetings removed

WCAG 2.1 SC: two that Jaosn found,

SC 1.2.9: complicated, better to talk offline

jason: yes

judy: documents/files guidance shoudl be that accesible to WCAG or porivde accessible option

scott: I made a similar note in the wiki

judy: yes, and that hsoudl be connected to WCAG

jason: the way I've been thiking about it is that there's three compoents:

1) the user interface of the software that is used for remote meeting

and WCAG SC are relevant

2) any kind of document/presentation strcutred informaiton provided in meeting in which accessiiblity applies

3) content of the real=time video and audio for interaction of meeting participants needs to be accessible

jscott; agree

judy: may be a bit analystic

scott: given document dual-purpose, agree with jasons' 3-stage process for technical strucutre, but sitl lneeds other guidance such as dos and dont's educaiotn seciotn etc

judy: making formal note that document needs organising

jason: agreeing very good idea

any more issues?

Open issues.

The intersection of privacy, security, and accessibility.

josh: Scott sent intiail lit review,

<Joshue108> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Security_and_accessibility

<Joshue108> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Privacy_and_accessibility

added two pages now to the wiki - one privacy, one security

captured some of what Scott talked about but adding all relevnet links and placeholders

so can build form there

<Joshue108> SH: Lets do that next week.

<jasonjgw> Scott will contribute more to it as the week progresses.

jason: if there's specifc issues ono XAUR or RAUR we'll identify some in advance a nd discuss

josh: wil look at those

<janina> Need to go to another meeting. Bye!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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