Security and accessibility

From Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group


This page aims to outline issues that relate to Security and Accessibility. This relates to ongoing work and research in the APA/Research Questions Task Force (RQTF). We hope to identify where there are security implications for people with disabilities in new and emerging web technologies.

Security related issues for people with disabilities

In relation to disability and security, some of the considerations are:

  • How can systems meet accessibility requirements while remaining secure? Research tends to focus on either how to make the policy or legislative framework better suited to the online environment, or takes a technical approach such as the security flaws in WCAG and how to overcome them.
  • How can people with particular disabilities challenge security, e.g. particular disabilities such as autism impact on cybersecurity in relation to their attack and defence skills.
  • What are the potential impacts of increased security on people with disabilities and users of assistive technology?
  • Is there a compromise between increasingly secure systems and accessibility?
  • Can we identify what user needs must be supported when security is being enhanced?

User Needs for Security


Requirements for Security


Relevant Papers


This is the work of the RQTF, many thanks to Dr. Scott Hollier for initial literature review.