Privacy and accessibility

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This page aims to outline issues that relate to Privacy and Accessibility. This relates to ongoing work and research in the APA/Research Questions Task Force (RQTF). We hope to identify where there are privacy implications for people with disabilities in new and emerging web technologies.

Privacy related issues for people with disabilities

In relation to disability and online privacy, some of the considerations are:

  • How can people with disabilities are able to understand the privacy requirements: i.e. the complexities around privacy policies, how privacy settings are presented, the expectations of privacy if assistive technologies can’t access the information
  • Social media privacy and monitoring: How is social media privacy monitored? How can vulnerable people with intellectual disabilities safely use social media? How can we maximise benefits of social media while minimising concerns?
  • How can privacy be protected in browsing environments and the impact of fingerprinting for people with disabilities be reduced? What are the necessary protections needed for vulnerable people?
  • What are the privacy concerns in XR environments around touch/interaction surfaces? Can accessibility customisation and personalisation be used to profile users in XR?

User Needs for Privacy


Requirements for Privacy


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This is the work of the RQTF, many thanks to Dr. Scott Hollier for initial literature review.