Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Teleconference

29 Jan 2020


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<christos_> I can not get to webex

<christos_> can I please the link again


<janina> ack

Agenda Review & Announcements

Janina: Welcome, Christos.

<christos_> Thank you!

Janina: is the chair of APA, involved in W3C.

*introductions being made*

New Charters Review https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Horizontal+review+requested%22

Immersive Web WG Recharter 2020 - https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues/208 - there is already a liaison statement in the charter.

WebRTC 2020 charter - https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues/207 - there isn't yet a liaison statement

Michael: *asks if we have comments on their deliverables*

Janina: a liaison sounds like a good idea. (Michael has recorded this.)

Task Force Updates -- Upcoming Publications

Janina: Personalization CfC was approved. Working towards FPWD for requirements document. The other two documents are published.
... RQTF has a couple of documents in process: XR Accessibility User Requirements (XAUR) has an open CfC (soon closing).
... General CfC granting TFs authority to update working drafts (except FPWDs/final note/normative status) (open but soon closing).

Christos: *enquires about accessing the documents to read* - Janina provides pointer to the public-apa-admin list.

<janina> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-apa-admin/latest

JF: *offers cheat sheet*

Janina: public-apa-admin is publicly readable, but only members can write to it.

<Joshue108_> Christos, here is a link to a good overview on how to use Zakim etc https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/wiki/Teleconference_cheat_sheet

Janina: upcoming docs from RQTF and Pronounciation (including the Explainer)
... representatives from screen-reader developers will be on the panel that Marku is running at ATIA.
... ...(wrt pronounciation)
... ongoing conversation with the COGA TF about annotating videos.

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

<MichaelC> WebRTC Priority Control API

Janina: this seems to be beyond the remit of APA (WebRTC as a whole is highly relevant)

Community Groups Tracking Review https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Community_Groups

Becky: we had cued up Solid to review in January.
... Immersive Captions: no recent activity, but relevant for tracking if there is.
... Solid - activity has dropped off recently; we will revist in a few months.

Janina: various questions about captioning in immersive 3D environments, e.g. how to indicate where the person is who's speaking? These sorts of issues may be covered in the XR needs documents.

Becky: Web Thing Protocol - looks low-level, thus feeling we don't need to track.

Janina: *agrees*

Michael: *agrees* (and nobody objects)

Becky: MiniApps - sounds like we should pay attention to this. Not much on the mailing list, but there is a published white paper.

Michael: we should have it on our RADR; Roy (of APA) has flagged this.

Becky: Bitcoin hypermedia - very low-level. May publish specs, but initially focused on collaborative discussion.

*general agreement*

Becky: Bullet Chatting - no recent activity.

JF: does this relate to RTC?

Becky: Perhaps. *generally the group is unsure*

JF will have a look into it

<JF> ACTION: JF to investigate Bullet Chatting and report back next week

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2231 - Investigate bullet chatting and report back next week [on John Foliot - due 2020-02-05].

Becky: Ad Blocker - not much recent activity. Janina notes we'd want their UI to be accessible, Becky notes they are aiming to provide use cases.

JF: is there a conection to Personalization?

Josh: connection to fingerprinting?

Janina/Becky: revisit in May

Becky: Business Data APIs and Interchange. Janina and Becky agree it sounds low-level (EDI - mainframe). Not much recent activity.
... Accessibility for Children - started in December - no activity yet - revisit.
... Cognitive AI - started in December - some activity - revisit.
... Privacy - just started - revisit.

Josh joined the community group.

Josh: would be good for us to talk about Privacy. *Janina concurs we shall*

Becky: Building Device Naming Standards - no need to track *Janina agrees*

APA's Goals for 2020 https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/APA_priorities_2020

Janina requets we all review the priorities.

Janina: the review of specifications as they arise is a core activity of APA (though isn't currently listed there).
... we should also add goals from Task Forces (TFs).
... there is a lot to review in here, though, and some of the items may be directed to the TFs as opposed to APA as a whole. (E.g. use cases being discussed in RQTF)
... need to get the FAST survey instrument up-and-running and have groups that produce specs fill it in.

Janina opens the discussion for the rest of the hour.

Josh agrees with the broad priorities. We need to get a sense of which are the core priorities for when things are busy.

Michael: need to be sure on the priority order of the items in the list. E.g. XR and WebRTC should be the top, as they're active and we have liaisons; then FAST. We should add all the other verticals that APA is trying to track.

Janina: should we be including TF work?

<JF> +1 to TF work - I don't see Pronunciation on that list

Michael: yes, will help to see where TFs may be under-resourced.

JF: having a TF for an activity implies a priority
... Personalization is currently under Privacy, but is also applicable to Web of Things, e.g.
... should we list our TFs and draw lines between things on this list and work the TFs are doing?
... (Bullet chatting seems very relevant to accessibility; more details next week.)

Janina: the prioritisation exercise started out as key areas for Josh, has expanded to APA as a group.

Janina will ask the various TFs to set out 2 or 3 goals for themselves. Josh can suggest some, including Privacy in a more general sense. We will come back to this.

Josh: important to bear in mind (privacy, security, DIDs, verifiable credentials) there are lots of connections between things that may not be apparent.

Janina: we can revisit if necessary later.

I'll just make the minutes...

Becka11y: yes, think so, thanks - looking at the cheat sheet :-)

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: JF to investigate Bullet Chatting and report back next week

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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