APA priorities 2020

From Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group

Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Working group priority plan 2020

The following is a [DRAFT] plan that aims to outline what will be priorities and areas of further research and development in 2020, especially with regard to Emerging Technology and related Accessibility requirements.

This is with a view to both supporting the existing requirements of APA, as well as look at new opportunities to move the web forward in 2020.

These areas may also have related 'sub' areas that will also need to be considered, some of which are outlined below.

APA priorities for 2020


  • This work would then inform/lead to a further project to update the FAST Framework itself with related findings.

Real Time Communications (RTC)


  • XR User needs & Requirements
  • XR Semantics Module / AOM
  • WebXR Standards and Accessibility Architecture Issues
  • Gap Analysis
  • Developing the Nexus with existing standards
  • Engaging with the existing community


Web Of Things

  • User Needs and Requirements
  • Use case development
  • Gap Analysis in WoT Architecture
  • Thing Descriptions
  • Engaging with the existing community


  • Accessibility of Receipts
  • Vicinity of a facility that will take automated payments.
  • FIDO Alliance


  • We need to be in the DOM (not just Accessibility DOM)
  • Move away from data- to a deployment prefix


  • Gap Analysis and Use Cases
  • Explainer
  • Technical Approach
  • Engaging with the various AT vendors