W3C AC meeting Berlin 2018

W3C Advisory Committee Meeting – Berlin, Germany – May 2018

W3C Marketing & Communications

W3C AC meeting Berlin 2018

May, 2018

Coralie Mercier, Head of W3C Marketing & Communications

Most links in this presentation are available to the public, some to W3C Members, a few to W3C team.

The Team

Members of the comm team and bio

W3C MarComm Team

The MarComm team counts 3.4 FTE across 6 individuals:

W3C Strengths (1)

W3C Strengths (2)

Our mission

  1. Communicate positively who we are and what we do for the Web overall.
  2. Build W3C's influence & improve W3C's reputation.
  3. Support W3C Business Development recruiting efforts.
  4. Support W3C Working/Interest Groups operations.
    (i.e., Communications execution of the Process Document)



W3C needs to reach out and tell our great story to the following stake-holders:


Highlights thus far


Everyday work

Thank you!

W3C AC meeting Berlin 2018