Position Statements

A new HTML element to display a 3D scene
Yasushi Ando (Kabuku Inc.)
Adaptive Accessibility
Matthew Tylee Atkinson (The Paciello Group), Ian Hamilton, W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group and its Research Questions Task Force (Main APA/RQTF discussion thread), Joe Humbert and Kit Wessendorf (The Paciello Group)
Baidu Smart Game in Baidu App
Ping Wu (Baidu)
Better and Faster Audio I/O on the Web
Hongchan Choi (Google)
Debugging tools / Extending a cross platform game engine
Björn Ritzl (KING / Defold)
Enable fast and efficient threading on the web
David Catuhe (Microsoft / Babylon.js)
Handling tons of resources in Web games
Yuki Kuwabara (Drecom Co., Ltd.)
Interoperability/Reusability of high level WebAudio components and their possible integration in Web games
Michel Buffa (Université Côte d'Azur)
Needs of users and developers in the context of web game discovery and monetization
Tom Greenaway (Google)
Reducing the latency of input on the web
Navid Zolghadr (Google)
Report from the trenches of an HTML5 game provider
Christian Rudnick, Gili Zeevi (SOFTGAMES)
Size matters: How Loading is Losing You Players
Kasper Mol (Poki)
Turning on “accessible mode” for users with motor impairments
Luis rodriguez (American Psychological Association)
UX and Web Games – defining users and designers needs
Hamza Oza, Indira Knight (Royal College of Art)

See also the list of expected participants.