Size Matters

How Loading is Losing You Players

Speaker: Kasper Mol ( (@Kasper_Mol)


Most people instinctively understand that (long) loading times are bad for a users' experience. But how bad is it exactly?

Exploring Loading Data

We took 174 of our games and offset their total Conversion To Play to their Initial Download Size. This allows us to chart a trend, giving us a good approximate of Conversion To Play for any given Initial Download Size

Disclaimer: Early explorations and desktop only

Average internet connection speeds differ a lot between markets, so we looked at specific markets individually.

Starting with the United States, a game with an Initial Download Size of 10MB already corresponds to a Conversion To Play of about 0.8 (or 80%). This is worrysome as 10MB is not a very high number, especially given the current quality bar set by mobile games.

Looking at other markets with slower average internet connection speeds, this number gets significantly worse. For example in Brazil, 10MB corresponds to a Conversion To Play of about 0.7. In Egypt (bottom 5 globally in terms of average internet connection speed), Conversion To Play is below 0.6 for a 10MB game.

This means that in a country like Egypt, you will lose almost half your players, just from the loading screen, for a game that is "only" 10MB in Initial Download Size.


Educating Game Developers

Especially for games above the 10MB Initial Download Size mark, it's key to educate game developers.

Subjects of importance include:

Improving the Web

The good news is that below ±10MB, every MB really counts. This is the place where Web Game Platforms, Game Engine Developers and Browser Vendors can really make a difference.

Subjects of importance include:


Conversion To Play: Percentage of players that finish loading a game, of the amount of players that started loading a game.
Initial Download Size: Amount of megabytes that needs to be downloaded to get through a game's initial load into the main screen.

Note: Both above metrics are purely based on the initial loading screen, and exclude things like game onboarding or pre-loader drop-off.

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