DCAT team 2014-04-04

04 April 2018

Meeting Minutes

<SimonCox> rrsagent make logs public

<SimonCox> rrsagent: make logs public

<SimonCox> present?

<SimonCox> zakim: who is present?

<SimonCox> rrsagent: who is present?

<SimonCox> rrsagent: present?

scribe NicholasCar

confirm agenda

<SimonCox> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌Meetings:DCAT-Telecon2018.04.04

<alejandra> could we maybe discuss the pending pull request: https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌pull/‌183 ?

<alejandra> ok, thanks

<alejandra> SimonCox: we can slot that topic in after we heard from Rob

confirm minutes for last week

confirm minutes

<SimonCox> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2018/‌03/‌28-dxwgdcat-minutes

<alejandra> 0 (wasn't present)

<SimonCox> +1

<Jaroslav_Pullmann> +1

<DaveBrowning> +1

<AndreaPerego> +1


<roba> +0

Resolved: confirm munutes for last week

new chair required next week

<alejandra> I'm on leave and not sure if I will be able to join (depending on wifi availability)

I have nothing particular on

<roba> maybe skip next week?



Action: Simon to contact Peter to chair next week

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reminder about working spaces

SimonCox: please draft material in wiki spaces

SimonCox: collaboration process will be explained better soon (today)

RobA will report on profiles work

<SimonCox> Please use https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌DCAT-Profiles-Topics

RobA: only a mall group, Reuben, Lars and him, mostly about HTTP headers

<roba> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌tree/‌roba-profile/‌dcat/‌rdf

RobA: has introduced a profile.ttl and profile_examples.ttl ontology and examples of profiling

SimonCox: suggests use of wiki to introduce profiles work not in RDF (accessible)

<Makx> preent+ Makx

<alejandra> NicholasCar: first to say that the profiling work is important for W3C in general to address it

<alejandra> ... I propose to separate out from the DCAT work in its own module

<alejandra> ... I've written out a summary

<alejandra> ... I've sent it to kcoyle and she has sent me comments

<alejandra> ... I haven't read it in detail but she suggests that separating out could be done in the F2F

<alejandra> ... we've proposed a few profiles (e.g. DCAT 2014 as a profile of the revised DCAT)

<alejandra> ... three different implementations happening anyway

<alejandra> ... RobA's ontology

<alejandra> ... I started to write up what is a profile and how to use it

(thanks for scribing Alejandra!)

RobA: profiling is metadata about profiling, not a methodology

<alejandra> is there a link to that ontology?

RobA: doesn't intend to replace a constraints language

<alejandra> is it in the branch you pointed out?


link to ont above

<roba> i will put up a wiki page too

I was going to suggest work on a wiki page as next step regardless

Action: RobA to extablish a profiles wiki page

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address outstanding pull request for ED

<SimonCox> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌pull/‌183

SimonCox: the pull adds in red boxes to the draft

<SimonCox> https://‌rawgit.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌dcat-catalog-scope-simon/‌dcat/‌index.html

SimonCox: inclusions in document after issue, are these ok?

alejandra: changes to text only and they are useful so should be ok

<AndreaPerego> I think that, formally, we need a resolution from the DCAT group, and after ask a vote (via mail) from the WG

Jaroslav_Pullmann: scope extension is significat, should be included

<SimonCox> Proposed: accept PR 183 for FPWD

<alejandra> +1

<DaveBrowning> +1


<AndreaPerego> 0

<roba> 0

<SimonCox> +1

<Jaroslav_Pullmann> +1

<roba> * nick pass scribe baton to me when you wish...

Resolved: accept PR 183 for FPWD

(fine rob, unless you really want to do this!)

license and rights

<roba> * not really :-) thanks

<SimonCox> domain https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌issues/‌104 - MakxDekkers

Action: SimonCox to report pull req decision to Karen

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<SimonCox> Makx not on audio?

<SimonCox> do this first then: range https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌issues/‌114 - NicholasCar

<alejandra> NicholasCar: I had promised to present to the group more thoughts and the outcome of having a relaxed range would be

<alejandra> ... I've looked at ODRL v2

<alejandra> ... no mention of licenses in ODRL v2 but my understanding is that would fall into Agreement

<alejandra> ... I've looked into common licenses and started to break them down into their parts

<alejandra> ... it makes sense to express licenses in ODRL v2 way

<alejandra> NicholasCar: I did a small extension of ODRL 2 to add License

<Zakim> AndreaPerego, you wanted to note POE WG publish BPs which include a section on how to represent standard licences - http://‌w3c.github.io/‌poe/‌bp/

<alejandra> NicholasCar: I was thinking on contacting ODRL people

<SimonCox> (Renato Iannella is in Brisbane!)

<Jaroslav_Pullmann_> Andrea, do you have a link to the mentioned work of the ODRL group?

<AndreaPerego> http://‌w3c.github.io/‌poe/‌bp/

<Jaroslav_Pullmann_> thanks!

SimonCox: this is a test of the completed ODRL2 work

<alejandra> Jaroslav_Pullmann_: what is the objective?

<alejandra> NicholasCar: allow a machine express a license

<alejandra> ... automatically surface certain message that people might need to agree to

<alejandra> ... restrict access to data

Jaroslav_Pullmann: will be meeting ODRL@ colleagues next week in Vienna

<AndreaPerego> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2018/‌vocabws/

<SimonCox> NicholasCar: will be setting up register of common licenses

<SimonCox> ... will allow us to have confidence that there will be something for DCAT predicates to point to

<SimonCox> SimonCox: so we can develop the predicates (use, access, obligations) in DCAT

<SimonCox> makx: development of license details is outside scope of DCAT

AndreaPerego: we should make ODRL2 group aware of our interests since they are preparing a Best Practice document

AndreaPerego: we can delegate relevant work to us to ODRL2 group

AndreaPerego: we have or can do a similar delegation for data quality to DQV

<SimonCox> AndreaPerego: delegate like we also do for data quality

Jaroslav_Pullmann: we need to better cater for different clients (automated clients)

roba: the concern seems to be the attachement point of dataset -> license, not license details

Makx: licenses & rights out of scope for this group, agrees we need to know how to link to them, has laready stated you can use dct:LicenseDocument or odrl:Policy

<alejandra> +1 to Makx's comment

<SimonCox> odrl:hasPolicy is the appropriate super-property, DCAT may need a taxonomy underneath that

<SimonCox> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌issues/‌104

license domain

SimonCox: we appear to have reached concensus

Makx: (summarising) one SHOULD put it on Distribution, one MAY put it on Datasets but SHOULD NOT put it on Dataset and not Distribution and if there are multiple, there may be a conflict

SimonCox: can close the issue when resulting changes have been made in doc & RDF

Action: Makx will try to do these changes via Pull Request

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SimonCox: we (editors) will provides notes for this

AndreaPerego: we will need to wait until after the FPWD to accept this PR - SimonCox agrees

<SimonCox> proposed: close issue 104, when makx has completed action

<SimonCox> +1

<AndreaPerego> +1

<DaveBrowning> +1


<Jaroslav_Pullmann_> +1

<Makx> +1

Resolved: close issue 104, when makx has completed action

<alejandra> +1

<Jaroslav_Pullmann_> bye!

thanks Andrea!

<alejandra> thanks, and bye!

Summary of Action Items

  1. Simon to contact Peter to chair next week
  2. RobA to extablish a profiles wiki page
  3. SimonCox to report pull req decision to Karen
  4. Makx will try to do these changes via Pull Request

Summary of Resolutions

  1. confirm munutes for last week
  2. accept PR 183 for FPWD
  3. close issue 104, when makx has completed action
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