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ACTION-398 (edit) open Keep an eye on #1211 as a shared issue Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran 2020-03-03 DCAT
ACTION-417 (edit) open Set up straw man for primer Peter Winstanley 2020-04-22 DCAT
ACTION-421 (edit) open Look at Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran 2020-05-06 DCAT
ACTION-434 (edit) open See how the mapping of un/qualified relationships can be addressed in the current spec Andrea Perego 2020-10-21 DCAT
ACTION-446 (edit) open Post a blog on dcat3 once the letter is complete Caroline Burle 2021-05-11 DCAT
ACTION-450 (edit) open Ask for feedback in on accessibility section Riccardo Albertoni 2021-06-02 DCAT

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