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ACTION-134 (edit) open Draft some text about the drivers for DCAT Andrea Perego 2019-02-15 DCAT
ACTION-143 (edit) open Construct examples of relations from real catalogs Jaroslav Pullmann 2018-10-11 DCAT
ACTION-145 (edit) open Set up regular github dump to Dave Raggett 2018-07-17 DCAT
ACTION-175 (edit) open DCAT example w fine-grained semantics provided by profile linked from dct:ConformsTo Nicholas Car 2018-10-11 DCAT
ACTION-197 (edit) pending review PWinstanley to create a new use case for rate Peter Winstanley 2018-09-06 DCAT
ACTION-247 (edit) open Work with danbri on making sure that the dcat (=rdfa here) example in a) works and b) is similarly exprssive to the and c) is up to date w.r.t. this wg's current efforts. Peter Winstanley 2018-11-01 DCAT
ACTION-279 (edit) open Reply to 2nd Luca's comment Andrea Perego 2019-01-22 DCAT
ACTION-334 (edit) open Organize wide review of dcat Peter Winstanley 2019-05-29 DCAT
ACTION-344 (edit) open Draft response to renato on vcard issue Makx Dekkers 2019-07-17 DCAT
ACTION-354 (edit) open Contact ralph swick about guidance on vocabulary versioning David Browning 2019-08-23 DCAT

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