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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-89 (edit) pending review Refine the use case with better integration Rob Atkinson 2018-03-13
ACTION-168 (edit) pending review Review conneg github issues, specifically harmonising labels Rob Atkinson 2018-08-08
ACTION-169 (edit) pending review Draft requirement/uc on how profile neg mustn't exclude other neg mechanisms, e.g crs Rob Atkinson 2018-08-08
ACTION-177 (edit) pending review Make sure that the documentation for the dcat decision is highlighted Rob Atkinson 2018-08-21
ACTION-197 (edit) pending review PWinstanley to create a new use case for rate Peter Winstanley 2018-09-06 DCAT
ACTION-277 (edit) pending review - respond to reviewer with issue references Nicholas Car 2019-01-23
ACTION-311 (edit) pending review Add the list to the document, following the model used in the css working group. Rob Atkinson 2019-03-19
ACTION-339 (edit) pending review Start google doc and add whatever he thinks will help Rob Atkinson 2019-06-18
ACTION-346 (edit) pending review Process w3cgeo point changes Simon Cox 2019-07-17

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