W3C Workshop on Web5G:
Aligning evolutions of network and Web technologies

May 10-11 2018, London, UK

James Padolsey


Day 1: Thursday, May 10, 2018

Please note that breakfast will NOT be provided.

  1. 08:30–09:00 AM Registration
  2. 09:00-09:15 AM Opening remarks by Eric Siow
  3. Status and Vision of the 5G And Web Ecosystem
  4. 09:15–10:00 AM Keynote by Jeff Jaffe (W3C CEO): Enabling the thrilling applications that will drive usage of 5G networks presentation
  5. 10:00–10:45 AM 5G: Introduction and use cases panel
    Understand what 5G is and what is driving its deployment

    Chaired by Eric Siow, Intel

    • Didier Berthoumieux, Nokia
    • Göran Eriksson, Ericsson
    • Dominique Hazael-Massieux, W3C
    • Stéphane Tuffin, Orange
    • Dan Warren, Samsung
  6. 10:45–11:15 AM Break
  7. 11:15–12:15 PM Next Generation Protocols for Internet & 5G Networks, by John Grant (Nine Tiles) presentation
  8. 12:15–01:30 PM Lunch
  9. Application areas as drivers for 5G investments
  10. 01:30–02:15 PM The Browser As An App Platform, by Dominique Hazael-Massieux (W3C) presentation
  11. 02:15–03:00 PM Immersive Web & 5G - by Diego Gonzales (Samsung) presentation
  12. 03:00–03:30 PM Break
  13. 03:30–04:15 PM Network advances for Media: Server Push - by Lucas Pardue (BBC) presentation

Day 2: Friday, May 11, 2018

  1. 08:30–09:00 AM Registration
  2. 09:00-09:15 AM Opening Day 2 by Eric Siow presentation
  3. Collaborative Networks and Web apps
  4. 09:15–10:45 AM Overview of the 5G System Architecture & Edge Computing; the 5G Radio capability and its impact on Web Applications and Their Development presentation+ panel
    Bridging the gap between the development of web technologies and the evolution of applications enabled by 5G networks
    Dan Warren (Samsung)

    Chaired by Dan Warren.

    • Didier Berthoumieux (Nokia)
    • Göran Eriksson (Ericsson)
    • David Hutton (GSMA)
    • Chris Seal (Hutchinson)
    • Kevin Smith (Vodafone)
  5. 10:45–11:15 AM Break
  6. 11:15–01:00 PM Outlook on the role of Machine Learning in co-optimizing web applications and networks presentation+ panel
    Gain an understanding of how the addition of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is simultaneously impacting networks and applications
    Q&A panel with speakers moderated by Stéphane Tuffin (Orange)
  7. 01:00–02:00 PM Lunch
  8. 02:00–03:00 PM The evolution of the Web to enable greater network collaboration presentation
  9. W3C role in Web & 5G Landscape
  10. 03:00–03:45 PM Next steps for W3C & Web5G open discussion
  11. Conclusions and summary
  12. 03:45–04:00 PM Conclusion and summary

Instructions for participants

The workshop will focus around several topics identified by the expressions of interest and position statements.



We will use the W3C IRC server irc.w3.org during the workshop to take minutes and exchange links on channel #web5g. See W3C IRC documentation to get connected.

Suggested reading