Silver Task Force Teleconference

21 Nov 2017


jeanne, ShawnL, Jan, Charles, Imelda, Josie, JaeunJemmaKu, Jennison
Shawn, Jan


<jeanne> Jeanne: We should have a location in San Diego State University with free room and no requirements for using the University food service.

<jeanne> ... the con is that it is not walking distance to the CSUN Grand Hyatt Hotel. It is directly on the public transportation line that stops in front of the Grand Hyatt.

<jeanne> Jennison: I think it is good. San Diego is very expensive, and getting a free location is a good thing.

<jeanne> ... this is not a CSUN activity, so it doesn't have to be co-located.

<jeanne> Jemma: Can we get a bus?

<jeanne> Jeanne: We could, but that's not a high priority of mine, so if someone wants to work on it, I will help.

<jeanne> Jemma: I think we should go with SDSU

Details on Design Workshop location

Starting research data analysis

<jeanne> Jennison: We need a recap of what research is in process

<jeanne> ... we need a reality check of what can be done by end of January.

<jeanne> ... we may need to push out the data collection period a little

<jeanne> ... if the research studies finishing up now are n't going to answer all the questions.

<scribe> scribe: JaeunJemmaku

<jeanne> Jeanne: I think some of the questions have developed since we started. For example, plain language in regulatory arena

jeanne: I am also thinking of making a new survey for policy makers asking about plain language

in particular,

We would need plain language data from around world

<Charles> participants for survey on policy should include the U.S. judges that have handled the significant / precedent cases in the last 2 years.

<Charles> David Kennedy (https://twitter.com/davidakennedy) and Lainey Feingold (https://twitter.com/LFLegal) could provide judges names

<jeanne> Jeanne: One of the advocates behind AODA in Ontario requested plain language

<jeanne> Jennison: We may not be able to make everything plain language, but to the degree that we can, that would help translation into other languages.

jeanne: We also need to work on what needs to go in personas
... I had several questions about personas
... from several meetings.
... we may be able to get help from Visa re. personas

in specific, we need persona data on how to use WCAG

Charles: I am in UX field and sort of being against about persona - user focused design and what they do is more important.

Chales: I will put something together - a job story by focusing on the tasks.

Charles: we need to focusing on the task, not personal details in persona.
... I would like to put it into google doc so that members can comment

next item

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Main_Page

jeanne: I would like to get help to update this wiki page

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Disabilities_for_Inclusion

jeanne: I would also like to have input and addition for disabilities for inclusion doc

charles: we can also add member introduction in google doc so that we can add those to wiki

<jeanne> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0YCWfzZeWMuM2VxdFREV0FkUWM

jennison: do we have compilation of technology list?
... this is to assist the context of Silver guideline when we write

technology is not only limited to web. there are other technologies we are working with.

charles: I am wondering what we are getting from this design workshop format
... design workshop here is "design studio" in this context. working on problem statement, actionable solutions.

<Charles> typical format of a problem statement: specific problem, result of problem, situation and priority, opportunity

josie: I can help with problem statements

<Charles> random example from my recent work: Specific Problem: It can be a challenge (for a cognitively diverse audience) to understand which information is most important and relevant on a web page when there are several elements competing for attention. Result of Problem: Information can be missed or misunderstood by a user or impede or interrupt their originally intended task. Situation and Priority: Tasks are failed or abandoned when a user is confused, expe[CUT]

<Charles> experiences friction, or perceives an obstruction. Additionally, these poor experiences are socialized. Opportunity: Appropriate (and tested) methods of presenting information in a manner that supports understanding and relevance within specific contexts and tasks will improve success and increase engagement, while potentially also enhancing social proof.

jeanne: we need to go through the data we have.

we can also get more data with small targeted session

we also have presentation files you can look into in the presentation folder.

<jeanne> Jeanne: There is a write up on the input from the A11yTOCamp presentation in the Presentations folder at the top level of the Silver work on Google drive.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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