Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

20 November 2017

Meeting Minutes

Charter extension, next charter, implementation status

schunter explains the current status to Wendy. Mike's implementions (client & server), Deutsche Telekom, Privacy Badger, some sites.

<Brad> exit

wseltzer: Main question is if we can get multiple implementations of all features.

<moneill2> its gone very quiet

schunter: Mike has started on a report template.

<moneill2> i dropped out there for a while

moneill2: The Deutsche Telekom used a snapshot of Bouncer and built a new impl on that.

Alan: We're probably not be done before January. We;ll have a meeting on it today, will be able to report on that later.
… [Privacy Badger]

schunter: Is that the info you needed, Wendy?

wseltzer: and server side?

schunter: The signal is easy to implement. The API is more work.

moneill2: There are several sites, such as the Unilever ones.

schunter: But for the API we don't have a server-side standard. Server's can use any call or none.

wseltzer: So question before the Director is if the implementations with plugins are enough.
… Plugins demonstrate that the features can be implemented and re interoperable.
… Other question is if they make the standard usable enough.
… We asked what it takes to jumpstart the system.
… That is probably what the Director will want to know.

schunter: That makes sense.
… It is also a regional thing. So a plugin for European users might be better than global support in all UAs.

wseltzer: The Director clearly cares about Europe, too. :-)

schunter: EU rules are coming later than we expected.
… I'd prefer to start a new group and start looking at the EPR only after some time, when we get more interest and can get new members.

wseltzer: And thanks to everybody who has participated so far!

schunter: EFF joined this year and Deutsche Telekom. Not many, but not nothing either.
… I'd like to have more the next time.
… A question I have: is there a downside to publishing the current spec as Rec?
… Risk is that it is not widely deployed.

wseltzer: A Note is another possibility.
… It can say explicitly that it is waiting for more implem. experience.
… I can't speak for the Director, but looking at prior cases, such as P3P, which we are obsoleting at the moment, for lack of use...
… We don't want to give people a false sense of what the Web Platform is.
… W3C has to match reality.

moneill2: It is a bit of a timing issue w.r.t. the ePR.
… But going through EU parliament is a way to signal consent. And there is't any other way to do it than how DNT does it.
… It is not the same as P3P. The kernel of DNT is the way.
… EU situation will be clearer in a couple of months.

schunter: Chicken & egg. Some say they don't implement until it is a REC.
… We're working on the REC and then we can have a discussion with the Director if publishing the REC is the best way to get momentum.

wseltzer: Sounds like there are more impls than I was aware of.
… We can have a discussion with Tim, Ralph, PLH about the plan.
… See what concerns should be addressed.

schunter: I had a call with Deutche Telekom about their implementation..

moneill2: I plan to make an evalutation of features in my impl by next Monday

schunter: Should we ask for a 1-month extension, or just go ahead?

wseltzer: Maybe just go ahead.

schunter: Our mailing list won't stop on Dec 31st, I hope.

Issue 60

schunter: Issue is about including multiple purposes, in a future release.
… (Not for current version of spec.)

moneill2: I added a dictionary.

<jnovak> having telephony issues, will be dropping and rejoining in case you hear a blip on the line

moneill2: If you specify a value, it gets added to DNT:0
… It still leaves room for future extensions.
… The user has to be able to find out what the purposes are he agreed to.
… The DNT header indicates a purpose and that purpose can be looked up.
… I made a draft as a snaphot of the current draft.
… So that people can read it and see if it makes sense.

schunter: Shall we have a call next week?
… Only topic seems to be the feature implem report.

moneill2: Let's see what happens on the list.

schunter: Alan, if you need something, contact me.
… Please, all, continue implementing!
… So see you probably in two weeks.

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