Silver Task Force Teleconference

20 Oct 2017

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Shawn, Josie, Jeanne, jemma
Jennison, Jan
Shawn, Jeanne


clear agenda

Silver Presentation for TPAC


<scribe> scribe: jeanne

Shawn: This is a draft our of TPAC presentation to the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group
... we are also doing a presentation for the Meetup, but that is not this presentation
... this is a recap to the WG, who may not have read our updates or forgotten them in the rush to work on 2.1
... last year at TPAC, the AGWG decided which proposal for developing SIlver that we should follow.
... I think the Stakeholder slide is too detailed

Jeanne: Showing that we have broad input is important in W3C process

<jemma> I put sub topics for literature review slide.

<jemma> basic idea for literature review slide is why, how, what

Jeanne: I want a slide on presentations and public outreach

Shawn: We haven't done that many, but lets think about what could be on the slide and decide later
... The research project was originally scheduled to take 6 months and we are already past that. We need to speak to that.
... I'm making a slide with a visual timeline to replace the WCAG timeline, which the AGWG is already known.
... since some of the phases are quite short, we want to show that visually, so people don't think this is a 5-year project.
... also some of the phases are overlapped, so a diagram would show that better.

Jemma: INterpretation date should include Q1

Jeanne: We want to show the AGWG that we are doing a lot to involve research

Shawn: When we presented to the AGWG at TPAC 2016, they wanted to see research-driven decisions. It will be important to them to see that there is progress
... Discovery and Interpretation will be an on-going process
... we want to emphasize the change in structure
... This is important to communicate to the AGWG that success criteria that can't make it into 2.1 will not be punted to Silver as a magic bullet.
... We want to emphasize to the AGWG that we need their expertise in the future
... we also want to be clear that we are aware of 2.1 and that we are focused on Silver.

Jemma: Just one slide for Stakeholder Map

Shawn: Maybe just use the snippet of the spreadsheet
... 40+ roles and cross reference to different maps

Jeanne: I'm good with that, the AGWG is sophisticated and would be more interested in the details. I have had outside interest in the Stakeholder Map. We should consider polishing it up and publishing it as a Note.

Starting interviews

Jeanne: I have an action item to create the document to send to the Interviewees that includes the Consent section and the interview questions. I didn't do it because of some file corruption problems.

Shawn: I will send the email with the Consent and questions

Regrets for next week

Jemma: I will miss both days next week

Shawn: I am traveling next week. I may attend Tuesday, but I will not attend on Friday.

Jemma: What will I miss next week?

Jeanne: I think we should start working on our analysis of Pete's raw research results, so we can report on them for TPAC.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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