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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 20 October 2017
13:34:10 [jeanne]
agenda+ Starting interviews
13:34:10 [jeanne]
agenda+ Silver Presentation for TPAC
13:34:10 [jeanne]
agenda+ research update
13:34:16 [jeanne]
clear agenda
13:34:19 [jeanne]
agenda+ Starting interviews
13:34:19 [jeanne]
agenda+ Silver Presentation for TPAC
13:34:19 [jeanne]
agenda+ research update
13:34:47 [jeanne]
present+ Shawn, Josie, Jeanne
13:34:56 [jeanne]
regrets+ Jennison, Jan
13:35:28 [jeanne]
zakim, take up item 2
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agendum 2. "Silver Presentation for TPAC" taken up [from jeanne]
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13:37:52 [jeanne]
scribe: jeanne
13:38:21 [jeanne]
Shawn: This is a draft our of TPAC presentation to the Aaccessibility G uidelines Working Group
13:38:46 [jeanne]
... we are also doing a presentation for the Meetup, but that is not this presentation
13:39:21 [jeanne]
... this is a recap to the WG, who may not have read our updates or forgotten them in the rush to work on 2.1
13:40:03 [jeanne]
... last year at TPAC, the AGWG decided which proposal for developing SIlver that we should follow.
13:41:47 [jeanne]
Shawn: I think the Stakeholder slide is too detailed
13:42:05 [jeanne]
Jeanne: Showing that we have broad input is important in W3C process
13:47:06 [jemma]
I put sub topics for literature review slide.
13:47:49 [jemma]
basic idea for literature review slide is why, how, what
13:48:52 [jeanne]
Jeanne: I want a slide on presentations and public outreach
13:49:15 [jeanne]
Shawn: We haven't done that many, but lets think about what could be on the slide and decide later
13:50:15 [jeanne]
Shawn: The research project was originally scheduled to take 6 months and we are already past that. We need to speak to that.
13:51:04 [jeanne]
Shawn: I'm making a slide with a visual timeline to replace the WCAG timeline, which the AGWG is already known.
13:51:37 [jeanne]
... since some of the phases are quite short, we want to show that visually, so people don't think this is a 5-year project.
13:52:04 [jeanne]
... also some of the phases are overlapped, so a diagram would show that better.
13:52:46 [jeanne]
Jemma: INterpretation date should include Q1
13:54:56 [jeanne]
Jeanne: We want to show the AGWG that we are doing a lot to involve research
13:55:49 [jeanne]
Shawn: When we presented to the AGWG at TPAC 2016, they wanted to see research-driven decisions. It will be important to them to see that there is progress
13:56:12 [jeanne]
... Discovery and Interpretation will be an on-going process
13:56:28 [jeanne]
... we want to emphasize the change in structure
13:57:13 [jeanne]
Shawn: This is important to communicate to the AGWG that success criteria that can't make it into 2.1 will not be punted to Silver as a magic bullet.
13:57:43 [jeanne]
Shawn: We want to emphasize to the AGWG that we need their expertise in the future
13:58:28 [jeanne]
... we also want to be clear that we are aware of 2.1 and that we are focused on Silver.
14:03:23 [jeanne]
Jemma: Just one slide for Stakeholder Map
14:03:38 [jeanne]
Shawn: Maybe just use the snippet of the spreadsheet
14:04:02 [jeanne]
... 40+ roles and cross reference to different maps
14:07:13 [jeanne]
Jeanne: I'm good with that, the AGWG is sophisticated and would be more interested in the details. I have had outside interest in the Stakeholder Map. We should consider polishing it up and publishing it as a Note.
14:07:30 [jeanne]
zakim, take up item 1
14:07:30 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Starting interviews" taken up [from jeanne]
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14:23:36 [jeanne]
Jeanne: I have an action item to create the document to send to the Interviewees that includes the Consent section and the interview questions. I didn't do it because of some file corruption problems.
14:23:42 [jeanne]
[fixing files]
14:24:48 [jeanne]
Shawn: I will send the email with the Consent and questions
14:25:19 [jeanne]
s/[fixing files]//
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14:30:58 [jeanne]
Topic: Regrets for next week
14:31:12 [jeanne]
Jemma: I will miss both days next week
14:31:51 [jeanne]
Shawn: I am traveling next week. I may attend Tuesday, but I will not attend on Friday.
14:35:04 [jeanne]
Jemma: What will I miss next week?
14:35:40 [jeanne]
Jeanne: I think we should start working on our analysis of Pete's raw research results, so we can report on them for TPAC.
14:35:50 [jeanne]
14:36:05 [jeanne]
zakim, close item 1
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agendum 1, Starting interviews, closed
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I see 2 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
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2. Silver Presentation for TPAC [from jeanne]
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zakim, close item 2
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agendum 2, Silver Presentation for TPAC, closed
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I see 1 item remaining on the agenda:
14:36:20 [Zakim]
3. research update [from jeanne]
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zakim, drop item 3
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agendum 3, research update, dropped
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present+ jemma
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chair: Shawn, Jeanne
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s/Aaccessibility G uidelines/Accessibility Guidelines/
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