Silver Task Force Teleconference

08 Sep 2017

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Jeanne, Sarah, Dave, Jan, JanMcSorley, Jennison, Jemma, JaeunJemmaKu


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<trackbot> Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference

<trackbot> Date: 08 September 2017

Silver Surveys Strategy update

Groups reviews conformance model survey structure

Dave: Refine this approach, use for other surveys

Jan: Will we have targeted surveys to specific roles?

Dave: Hope this will emerge as we work through questions
... Document available for revision and editing offline

Jemma: We need to clarify what we mean when we talk about conformance

Jeanne: A, AA, AAA — all or nothing conformance
... It's the structure that's set up to say whether or not people pass
... Need to conform or be N/A
... Part of reason WCAG accepted around the world, clear and flexible

Dave: Questions can include "I don't know what this means" option

Jeanne: Want to understand impact of conformance model
... We now have option of not having conformance model

Dave: Need to make sure we focus on exploratory research

Jennison: Will we have a scale in asking "how effective" questions
... Effective, meets needs?

Dave: Conformance model versus guidelines, need to make sure people respond about the conformance model

Jeanne: Could ask specific questions related to A, AA, AAA rather than "conformance model"
... May need to leave some open ended
... Things technologically difficulty in 2008, things that were not readily testable, went into AAA

Dave: Need to learn more about SCs at AAA
... What's best way for digital resource providers to declare conformance

Jemma: Likes suggestion of referencing A, AA, AA rather than conformance model

Sarah: How do we deal with scope and time?

Jennison: Big challenge with multiple releases in a day
... Will these be surveys or interviews?

Dave: Surveys initially, but if some questions are too difficult can designate for interviews

Jennison: Thinking about analysis and results

Dave: With each question, think about type of response and whether we can produce something meaningful
... Exploratory survey, data is more difficult to analyze

Jennison: Are these surveys this group will adminster?

Jeanne: These are ones we are going to do

Dave: Prioritized research questions, identified questions that would work with surveys
... Still have to be reasonable with available time
... Creating process to take research question into sub-questions

Jemma: Do we have schedule/timeframe?

Jeanne: Doing prototype work in March
... Research written up in February
... Research done in November

Jemma: What is activity at TPAC in November?

Jennison: Opportunity to ask research questions, that time is open to how we want to use it

Dave: Questions are ready to be asked in any forum

Jennison: Should put TPAC meeting on agenda for future meeting
... What do need to know for prototyping exercise at CSUN
... Can we push of research questions that we don't need to prototyping

Sarah: Can we figure out what questions we need to answer to use for prototyping exercise
... Pull together everything we have for the prototype exercise

Jeanne: Add to agenda next Friday

Dave: Good to think about priorities for prototyping exercise
... Will help us focus time

Sarah: Even a few perspectives will be helpful to provide context
... Listening lab approach works, themes surface

Jennison: Bay area meeting could be a good context for listening session
... Will CSUN session fall before or after conference?
... Need to publicize so people can make travel plans

Jan: Klaus wants to do special edition of journal, might be opportunity to get research published
... CSUN scientific journal to help support Silver taskforce
... Doesn't have timeline, have not met yet

<jemma> http://www.csun.edu/cod/journal

Jan: This would be a special edition

Dave: Add more comments and suggestions to conformance model questions
... Have translators ready to go

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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