Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

12 Jul 2017

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jasonjgw, scott_h, janina


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Web of Things Discussion

jgw: Shadi has indicated he's available on the 19th

sh: Good time for me to report on it.

Accessibility of virtual reality: discussion of the literature

jgw: I identified some of the more relevant papers on our wiki list
... Include work with profound cognitive disabilities
... U. of Nottingham
... Well worth reading
... VR was an effective tool to assist learning
... Used to orient children to the school facility they were about to attend
... Use of the VR app was sometimes human mediated, but also relied on integrated help
... Noted issues with input hw. Less was more

sh: Yes, interesting paper. Did we agree some way to indicate who's read which paper?

jgw: I've yet to annotate that myself.

sh: Wonder whether a second list would be helpful--at the end with notes

jgw: Let's try that
... Also read one on sign language translation
... Relevant for input hw
... Suitability of devices for capture--catching facial gestures also important

jb: Was this tried? Or hypothetical?

jgw: More of a survey and state of the art
... Noted auto translation still a future hope
... Also a paper looking at sensory substitution devices

janina: Notes recent work with blind users and a device worn as glasses to augument local info

<jasonjgw> Janina notes the capacity of listeners to process multiple audio events/streams simultaneously, and that this could be used advantageously for VR.

jgw: Similar, or even same hw might be used in a VR environment

jb: Also a possibly seamless set of reqs between virtual, real, and mixed

jgw: Also a paper on text second life
... Completely text based client based
... Also discusses what's easy and hard to render textualy
... e.g. the number of local objects--what to use, what to ignore
... Investigated prioritization algos
... Unfortunately, many objects lacked descriptive names

jb: Wonders how active is sl these days?

jgw: Unsure
... Believe it's from some time ago

sh: I didn't include many sl initially because I thought they might be dated

jgw: Wonders whether large number of objects would be a VR problem
... One issue is some objects were parts of greater (meta?) objects

<scott_h> great analysis on the readings Jason

[discussion of where to take what we find]

jgw: So, eventually author guidance, but short term a synopsis of findings

janina: ag?

jgw: Possibly, especially if about any identified gaps

sh: Interesting all the diversity in the research, it will be informative

jgw: Take this up in two weeks

Updates and discussion: other topics before the Task Force

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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