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Meeting: Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 12 July 2017
12:50:37 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Accessibility of virtual reality: discussion of the literature
12:51:01 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Updates and discussion: other topics before the Task Force
12:51:08 [jasonjgw]
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13:08:17 [janina]
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scribe: janina
13:09:03 [janina]
topic: Web of Things Discussion
13:09:13 [janina]
jgw: Shadi has indicated he's available on the 19th
13:09:22 [janina]
sh: Good time for me to report on it.
13:09:27 [janina]
zakim, next item
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agendum 1. "Accessibility of virtual reality: discussion of the literature" taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:10:24 [janina]
jgw: I identified some of the more relevant papers on our wiki list
13:10:58 [janina]
jgw: Include work with profound cognitive disabilities
13:11:14 [janina]
jgw: U. of Nottingham
13:11:36 [janina]
jgw: Well worth reading
13:12:02 [janina]
jgw: VR was an effective tool to assist learning
13:12:41 [janina]
jgw: Used to orient children to the school facility they were about to attend
13:13:35 [janina]
jgw: Use of the VR app was sometimes human mediated, but also relied on integrated help
13:14:16 [janina]
jgw: Noted issues with input hw. Less was more
13:15:34 [janina]
sh: Yes, interesting paper. Did we agree some way to indicate who's read which paper?
13:15:50 [janina]
jgw: I've yet to annotate that myself.
13:16:14 [janina]
sh: Wonder whether a second list would be helpful--at the end with notes
13:16:40 [janina]
jgw: Let's try that
13:17:20 [janina]
jgw: Also read one on sign language translation
13:17:46 [janina]
jgw: Relevant for input hw
13:18:26 [janina]
jgw: Suitability of devices for capture--catching facial gestures also important
13:18:30 [Judy]
13:19:01 [janina]
jb: Was this tried? Or hypothetical?
13:19:09 [janina]
jgw: More of a survey and state of the art
13:19:18 [janina]
jgw: Noted auto translation still a future hope
13:19:39 [janina]
ack j
13:20:16 [janina]
jgw: Also a paper looking at sensory substitution devices
13:24:49 [janina]
janina: Notes recent work with blind users and a device worn as glasses to augument local info
13:27:10 [jasonjgw]
Janina notes the capacity of listeners to process multiple audio events/streams simultaneously, and that this could be used advantageously for VR.
13:27:56 [janina]
jgw: Similar, or even same hw might be used in a VR environment
13:28:33 [janina]
jb: Also a possibly seamless set of reqs between virtual, real, and mixed
13:30:17 [janina]
jgw: Also a paper on text second life
13:30:58 [janina]
jgw: Completely text based client based
13:31:59 [janina]
jgw: Also discusses what's easy and hard to render textualy
13:32:18 [janina]
jgw: e.g. the number of local objects--what to use, what to ignore
13:32:37 [janina]
jgw: Investigated prioritization algos
13:33:02 [janina]
jgw: Unfortunately, many objects lacked descriptive names
13:33:55 [janina]
jb: Wonders how active is sl these days?
13:34:09 [janina]
jgw: Unsure
13:34:33 [janina]
jgw: Believe it's from some time ago
13:34:57 [janina]
sh: I didn't include many sl initially because I thought they might be dated
13:37:14 [janina]
jgw: Wonders whether large number of objects would be a VR problem
13:38:38 [janina]
jgw: One issue is some objects were parts of greater (meta?) objects
13:42:43 [scott_h]
great analysis on the readings Jason
13:44:15 [janina]
[discussion of where to take what we find]
13:47:20 [janina]
jgw: So, eventually author guidance, but short term a synopsis of findings
13:49:06 [janina]
janina: ag?
13:49:18 [janina]
jgw: Possibly, especially if about any identified gaps
13:49:33 [janina]
sh: Interesting all the diversity in the research, it will be informative
13:50:44 [janina]
jgw: Take this up in two weeks
13:50:49 [janina]
zakim, next item
13:50:49 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Updates and discussion: other topics before the Task Force" taken up [from jasonjgw]
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zakim, bye
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