Silver Task Force Teleconference

12 May 2017

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JaEunJemmaKu, sloandr, jan, david_swallow, shwan, jemma
sarah, jeanne


<Jan> Having trouble calling in. I will keep trying.

Research project sheet review

david: did not have any progress yet
... Mike crabb got the funding for research

david can contact mike and he will find out the schedule. research will start in summer

jemma: Dr. Loiccono: have the team and are getting the IRB approval ready.
... sukil is happy to distribute Pete's survery into Koran IT community

daivid swallow: interested in usability of wcag

ldifferent aspect of WCAG - organization, language, effectiveness of terminology . how wcag is used by web developers

re. method - diary studies - have 5 developers

each participant will keep diaries for two weeks

first diary studies to be ready by the end of this month

deliverables will be written report - mainly qualitative - how and when wcag is used

in web development

anticipated challenges - motivate and encourage the participants to write diary for two weeks

without skipping

Jean and I talked about compensation for the participants.

I have research questions to ask participants - do we want to talk about this now or do you send that via email

shawn: curious about specifics of how the participant use wcag

david: survey and open ended questions included after diary

<Lauriat> Link to drafted questions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u1WVlNry67mBlY1KDoSz_dEnulFpDm0CvGROChtpuW8/edit#heading=h.bsu3xklgu01c

<Jan> diary

david: why the developer choose wcag to use?

rather than other resources

do they want to use or have to use wcag?

how long developer use the standard

whether they can find what they are looking for from wcag

any missing wcag info developers are looking for?

what aspect of WCAG also help them?

layout, design, organization?

what aspect of WCAG hinder them?

shawn: research questions sound great
... I wonder how developers are confident in using WCAG

sloandr: in other words, wcag can give confidence or rather confusion when they use wcag

or after using wcag

shawn: how developers feel comfortable about the result

jan: end of diary, there can be open ended questions to hear about overall experience of participants
... I have another researcher - david in scottland - who can do some diary studies

david_swallow: I can connect to him

Michael Heron in Scotland has CS students

jan: it would be good idea to see how cs students recognize wcag with fresh eye

sloandr: re Lowell Reade

interested in 1)adaptation of wcag 2)how usable wcag is and 3)implementation accessibility policy

sloandr: david can check duplication of the research questions and help with research questions which we dont cover yet.

<Jan> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nRjYeOsEyXS9WZ0Bq8tYywt1i4vkU5QVrKeCAMFe_Sw/edit#heading=h.qv64wjyega4y

jan: see Klaus Miesenberger's google doc link

Action item review

<Lauriat> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/track/actions/open

checking action items progress

close things which are done

<Lauriat> Community Group link: https://www.w3.org/community/silver/

jemma: silver community group is composed of research partners, TF members, some some stakeholders, anyone interested in silver project

including people who signed up for the silver community group

sloandr: re: ACTION-73: Work with jeanne and dave to draft the policies for using the stakeholder list. also involve researcher. - it would be a good idea writing a blog post about this.

shawn: you can create wiki and point it from blog post

sloandr: I can take over action item, Follow up with jason white about helping review surveys.

since I have continuous contact/work with him

jan: re Follow up with dr. butler to help with research validity review
... may be we can have some time to go over those research questions?

sloandr: I would like to

<Lauriat> Draft agenda item: "Survey meta question prioritization & pruning"

jan: Dr. butler can join Friday meeting

next week

re: Create onboard documents for researchers and for helping with surveys - David, Jan and Jeanne can work together

Research question prioritization poll

Research survey core research questions

<Lauriat> Core researcher questions doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vDzSCO-mEnPB7jaAzIhOOLf92b0pCuzzR8u_GSWTw_M/edit

all the discussion and comments are added to google doc comment section.

sloandr: core research questions are ones which can be included in any Silver research survey.

<scribe> scribe: JaEunJemmaKu

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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