Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

10 May 2017

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janina, sloandr, jasonjgw, Judy


Accessibility Guidelines Working Group wiki page on CAPTCHA and its alternatives.

<scribe> scribe: janina

jgw: Before we finalize on captcha, suggest we consider this WCAG page

ds: Seems a complimentary collection since the note publication

<jasonjgw> Janina notes that there is also a PF page that we have looked at earlier.

jgw: This one interesting as a concise presentation
... Very few suggestions work cross disability

ds: Also seems to be based on collected examples, not on any research

jgw: Each alternative appears to require some sensory or reasoning

ds: Is there value in referencing this doc somehow?
... Could work up a comparison between this and what we have
... That might help us decide on this

jgw: My remaining action is to make certain I haven't missed something

Other CAPTCHA issues


ds: Looked through proceedings at CHI, and found nothing on Teuring tests

Additional research topics (authentication, etc.) - updates and discussion

ds: Found 8 papers from CHI for us
... Not disability specific, but simply authentication issues

<sloandr> CHI papers on authentication: https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/research-questions/wiki/Authentication_references#References_to_follow_up_from_CHI_2017

ds: Should all be available for the time being

jgw: Will be reading some of these as well

ds: Thermal trace could be different for different disability conditions
... Skimmed abstracts, all had some interest for us
... Noted one looking at authentication based on group

jgw: One captcha approach would relate for authentication, where one identifies a friend
... Noted that personal data is sometimes requested to authenticate, if the site has access to credit dbs
... Not sure how COGA will view this approach

jb: Wondering whether and when we might invite Wendy Selser

jgw: Yes

jb: Hmmm, there's a time conflict for her ...
... Want to talk through the items now to prepare ...
... A range of alternative approaches?

jgw: That's one
... Captcha says we're human, vs authentication identifies the user as a particular human

<Judy> [JB grabs Jason's question "Are there are cross-disability techniques that establish that a user is human without disclosing their identity?"

jgw: jb: The first captcha missed a key point, imo, where the captcha might establish human vs machine, but incidentally also established certain individuals as pwds

jb: One approach might be a set of tests, pick the ones you want to use

jgw: Back to the wider authentication topic ...
... We're concerned whether risk approaches disadvantage pwd scoring in some way

<jasonjgw> Janina suggests that site-by-site establishing of identity is problematic, and we need a scheme of trust sharing across sites.

<jasonjgw> Janina suggests that if there is a relationship with a trust broker, any disability-related information that might be inadvertently disclosed is only disclosed to the (trusted) broker rather than to relying parties that depend on it.

jb: Schedule next few weeks unclear, but will ask Wendy and get back
... So, maybe next week--or not

jgw: Let's find a mutually agreeable time
... And a clear list of topics

<jasonjgw> Janina notes the forthcoming publication of the COGA papers - first public working draft.

jgw: Anything else for today?

ds: Would note there were quite a few autonomous vehicle papers in CHI

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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