29 Mar 2017



Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Dave_Raggett, Kaz_Ashimura, Daniel_Peintner, Elena_Rechetova, Feng_Zhang, Kunihiko_Toumura, Masato_Ohura, Taki_Kamiya, Uday_Davuluru, Zoltan_Kis, Yingying_Chen, Keiichi_Tokuyama, James_Adans, Kazuaki_Nimura
Yongjing, Sebastian, Darko, Matthias, Kajimoto


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Welcome Elena

er: (introduces herself)

mm: we'd restart the Security TF with her
... telco, TF charter, etc.

OCF update

mm: got a draft MoU from OCF
... talking wiht the co-Chairs, Team Contacts and Wendy
... IP issues

Osaka F2F

registration results so far

ka: 14 registrants so far
... planning to send out a reminder individually
... if you're planning to attend but have not got registered yet, please get registered asap
... the closest hotel is almost sold out
... asking Panasonic guys about other candidate hotels

mm: the venue is the hotel or Panasonic?

ka: Panasonic facility

iot.schema.org proposal by Michael Koster

mk: 3 weeks ago
... IOTSI workshop 3 weeks ago
... 70 papers presented there
... agreed to general problem statements
... schema.org for IoT
... might use Web page
... search engines could understand it
... a lot of schema.org adaption
... we propose to extend schema.org to include IoT concepts
... people submitted opinions
... how to define IoT things
... what's next?
... (what problems are being solved)
... semantic interoperability for conected things
... incompatible data models for things from different orgs
... enable Web apps to interact with the physical world
... (How)
... re-use and extend schema.org
... using Rosetta ston approach
... use a common media type (rdf/rdfs) to encode
... and extend existing diverse information models
... interoperability through translation at first
... different concepts to common vocabulary
... common vocabulary may emerge
... open participation
... in communities around vertical domains/functional areas
... possibly W3C CG could work on that?
... smart homes, etc.
... (Venue)
... central org for iot.schema.org
... common tools and design patters
... W3C CG creates vocabulary?
... maybe don't need to create a new CG
... but some existing CG could work on that
... everyone can participate in a W3C CG
... common RDF media types
... develop best practices for each vertical area
... (Work Flow)
... bunch of different topics here
... domain expertise go into iot.schema.org
... two levels
... domain specific level
... and common level everyone identifies
... we'll go into semantic interoperability issue
... it's about reusability
... each vertical has different submissions possibly
... someone may need to work within the domain for interoperability

mm: can you post links?

mk: yes
... all the people interested should be able to participate in this work

mm: is it a separate entity at the moment?

mk: currently an organization run by 3 people
... google guys, myself (Koster), Darko, etc.
... (Initial work items)
... (Scope in the Standards Stack)
... functional layer, documents, governing body
... observing physical parameters
... (Information Models)
... high-level ontologies
... semantically rich applications
... (Deliverables)
... (Related Work)
... [iot.schema.org]

mm: iot.schema.org URL?

mk: horizontally use common vocabulary set
... I'll follow up this
... how to bring this idea to TD is interesting

ka: would confirm MK's idea
... we already have the Schema.org CG
... so your suggestion is creating new CGs or reusing the existing CGs to gather industry expertise, and let them input their ideas into the Schema.org CG as the central place to merge/integrate all the industry expertise. Right?

mk: right
... to get there, everybody once needs to deal with their own semaintics
... and need common tools
... they have their own definitions
... e.g., OCF, Zigbee, etc. for smart home vertical
... identify what is common and what is not
... need some kind of governance
... and schema.org CG could be a central place for convergence

ka: interesting

mk: maybe we can describe our recommendations for the CG
... as the neutral venue

ka: my second point is that we need to clarify the relationship between the Schema.org CG and the WoT WG, more specifically the TD TF of the WG

mk: ok

dsr: let's see the CG could do
... from outreach viewpoint
... how to involve different industry groups?
... this is focused on light-weight industry vocabulary?

mk: we're building on schema.org approach
... also building on these organizations already done
... from what they've already done
... we need much better story
... why they should participate?

dsr: we collect some compelling use cases
... to make people understand

mk: right
... use cases are always useful

ka: +1

TF reports

dsr: will have a LD TF call on Friday

mm: give summaries using the wiki

LD TF wiki

ka: summary from the scripting call
... talked about issue 2, 3, 5 and 6
... Zoltan provided a pull request for issue 3

Scripting call summary

ka: there will be a TD TF call on Friday, March 31
... but Taki suggests we make the call one hour earlier so that it's not too late for US Pacific

mm: would be helpful if you could send out the ics file

ka: if needed, can set up webex to send an automatic reminder

mm: would be useful
... also please allocate a doodle for the Security TF calls
... all, please add your ideas to the agenda of this main call

agenda wiki


mm: any other business?

naka: now finding additional hotels for the Osaka meeting
... will update the f2f wiki with that info

mm: ok
... all, please get registered for the f2f meeting asap!

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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