XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

22 Feb 2017


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Erik, Philip, Steven


\Chair: Steve

References and dependencies/Dynamic dependencies


Steven: I've done some rewriting, that I would be pleased if you would review this week, and give me any feedback you might have.

Serialization as multipart/related


Steven: I'm still not crystallised on this, but it seems to me that at the moment you click on "upload" to populate the instance, it is then that the system knows about the mediatype, and we should give the oportunity to supply a reference to a place where the mediiatype could be stored.

Erik: It shouldn't be compulsory

Steven: Indeed, but it needn't be

Erik: There are two levels of problems
... 1 it doesn't say how it works - magic
... 2 If you say "be aware that this information is needed and should be stored" it is not magic anymore, but out of band
... MIPs for instance, where don't say where they are to be stored.
... same issue
... so I don't see it as a big problem, as long as we do say *something*.

Steven: I would like it to be explicit if at all possible, stored somewhere where you can get to it, since that gives you more control.

Erik: Allowing "parts" of submission would allow something like this, which was an earlier suggestion
... a fully explicit way
... In our implementation we have some events related to upload

<ebruchez> https://doc.orbeon.com/xforms/events-extensions-events.html#upload-control-events

Steven: I'll need to study those

output to the user


Steven: I sent this out too late today, but let's talk about it next week.
... about unifying communications with the form user.




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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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