WoT IG Meeting

14 Dec 2016


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Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Daniel_Peintner, Dave_Raggett, Kirby_Shabaga, Matthias_Kovatsch, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Michael_McCool, Takuki_Kaiya, Uday_Davuluru, Yongjing_Zhang, Debbie_Dahl, Darko_Anicic, Feng_Zhang, Masato_Ohura, Yingying_Chen, DarkoAnicic, Katsuyoshi_Naka, Takeshi_Yamada, Keiichi_Tokuyama


<kaz> scribenick: McCool

<mkovatsc_> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/IG_WebConf#Agenda_of_next_WoT_IG_WebConf:_14_December_2016

oneM2M liaison

<inserted> scribenick: McCool_

Yongjing mentions the msg from oneM2M to W3C regarding liaison has been sent to the W3C liaison Team

<kaz> Yongjing will forward that message directly to Dave and Kaz

OCF liaison

OCF Liaison... call this Friday

currently skype, can make another arrangement if necessary

WG Charter

kaz: got approval for WG from director

so, we are done... working with Wendy for the next step

Michael McCool mentions APA issue has been resolved

should accept the collab pull request

seem to be some conflicts

is a conflict in the pull request... number 286

Matthias will attempt the merge

<kaz> WG Charter at the official location

Kaz will also check details. the point here is that there should not be any difference between Wendy's version and our repo version.

all other WG charter pull requests to be closed

can run diff tool on version in repo with version used by Wendy to make sure there are not any differences

also, please accept 271, presentation to OCF; Mozilla issue is resolved

<mkovatsc_> Wendy, could you send me your version? I will commit it to our repo.

Wendy made some edits, Matthias to copy into repo

starting date is date of W3M: Dec 7, 2016

Kaz working with Wendy for announcement

Kaz will contact chairs to start planning meetings for WG


McCool: F2F funding has been obtained

will book Crowne Plaza

Feb 5 set-up in the afternoon

feb 6-9 for event

invitational day-- the 9th?

regarding visa, intel should provide invitation letters

please contact Ryan Ware for visa letters

a form would be useful...

<kaz> the procedure depends on countries, so people are encouraged to check with US embassy in their countries

<kaz> Yongjing asks McCool to put the info on VISA/invitation on the f2f wiki

<kaz> f2f wiki

oneM2M liaison (revisited)

<inserted> scribenick: McCool

oneM2M agreement being reviewed, will be distributed when ready

will discuss next week

<inserted> Kaz has just found the liaison message from the oneM2M contact on the email archive, and will work within the W3C Team.

update on OPC foundation liaison

Matthias call with Tom Burke and technical director of OPC

presented what WoT is doing, technical building blocks

main take-away: first time encountered another org with holistic framework for protocols, semantics, vocab

they started to integrate companion standards

OPC is pretty powerful... but WoT is perhaps even more

OPC also started with RPC and optimized for their use cases originally

have not quite figured out how to deal with collaboration with w3C

will have another meeting with someone at Siemens, discuss roadmap, come up with some actions for liaison

Scripting update

<inserted> Scripting minutes

discussed REST API in charter or not... determined to leave as it is

will however, put a RESTful definition somewhere; as an informative deliverable under something else, eg. Binding Templates

Could also do a Note

could also do an appendix

"REST API is generated from a TD like this"

McCool: an orientation session and a tutorial would be useful

-> consider when doing agenda for F2F

FAQ would be useful as well

had getting started slides

Q&A format is helpful to focus on small

input from newcomers would be useful

how do we optimize onboarding -> let's discuss at F2F

We also discussed the MMI group at SA meeting

Multi-Modal Interaction

<kaz> WoT and MMI discussion

how to write a web site with non-standard interfaces, eg speech, specialized I/O devices

<kaz> interaction between WoT's T2T and MMI's UI

architecture is similar... how can TD and modality components interact

will let us do things like connect to speech recognition etc.

would be a useful demo

proposal to invite MMI people to plenary calls and/or to F2F

<kaz> Resources on MMI for PlugFest:
- MMI lifecycle event transport
- MMI Interoperability Test

academic workshop on WoT... universal descriptions, generate right UI

ex, vision impairment; universal remote controller, person also in APA

<dsr> Dave notes that on the W3C staff, Shadi Abou-Zahra is responsible for accessibility for the web of things.

<inserted> Kaz mentions we also invited Michael Cooper from the APA WG to the WoT session during the Web Conf in Montreal.

Could turn into an umbrella topic: interactions between Users and Things

TD update

<kaz Quick Start: TD Samples

removed global definitions of endpoint

encode information at a local level

links is more used than endpoints

also use href rather than uri

also introduced a "base"

this is the uri for this TD, valid for all interactions

then hrefs are all relative from that

but... can still use absolute href

overriding base

this is the "release candidate", please comment as soon as possible

will freeze before Christmas so we have a stable version for the plugfest

events, still using structure we were using before

is an event example in the quick start

also uses communication meta-data on a local level using links

<mjkoster> I have comments but my audio is not coming through to the conference

is this enough information to set up stream-based events?

<mjkoster> have we defined stream based events?

for CoAP, can do Observe

<mjkoster> What other styles are we talking about?

<mjkoster> is it pub/sub?

not sure what other styles of event handling can be handled

<mjkoster> +1 jhund

<mjkoster> we need one model that expresses thru TD, scripting API, and REST binding

<mjkoster> my audio is not getting out so I can't unmute

call for implementations? which patterns? still some major work to get eventing right

dsr: has been investigating, don't need ALL the information, need "contract" information

should minimize information in TD

dsr: need to identify "driver"

mediaType - the right approach?

<mjkoster> We can use link relations and all web linking functionality

<mjkoster> +1 jhund

<mjkoster> yes!

is some protocols that can negotiate media, and some that can't

dsr: what is contract platform should use to talk to another platform
... mediaType is wrong level of detail

<mjkoster> I have no audio

koster: agree with web linking direction

web links can point to pub/sub topics. rel can say it's a pubsub topic. link relations can be used for event mapping also. there is common vocabulary around relations, even a baseuri already in common use

<dsr> I wanted to state that the thing description needs to provide an identifier that the application platform needs to identify which contract to use to communicate with the remote platform. Details like IETF media types are part of that contract and should not be exposed to the application developer as they are not relevant to the object model that the application developer deals with.

needs more clarification

<dsr> Thanks Michael for the explanation, an example of a contract parameter is the OCF resource type and resource id

McCool: maybe contract defintion with arguments

what we need is a concrete definition

<mjkoster> hypermedia is a general contract

<mjkoster> I can hear, but I can'r speak

michael K, dsr, get together and define a concrete proposal for "contracts"?

outer contract, then "inner" format is encoding

dsr: another issue is that "mediaType" has been used for data formats, is already a standard

<mjkoster> the HTML media type defines quite an interaction model

it is PART of the contract...

<mjkoster> The OCF media type will also define it's interaction model application/vnd.ocf+cbor

dsr: agree there is a need for a registry

<mjkoster> I fully support the idea of making TD an extended web linking approach

<dsr> A registry of identifiers for the contract where the registration includes the metadata parameters involved

can we rely on things that are already "out there" via links?

<dsr> we could of course just use linked data rather than a centralised registry

and can even put parameters in uris...

(above comment from McCool)

Agenda for next meeting: REST discussion, contracts between application and platform

plans for next plugfest; logistics, agenda, etc

procedure for adding agenda items: edit wiki and put it in the "agenda stash"

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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