Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

14 Dec 2016

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shadi, Janina, Scott, jasonjgw, Judy, Faezeh, MichaelC
Janina, janina_, Judy, sloandr


<janina> scribe: Janina

<scribe> Chair: jasonjgw

Security and Authentication

jgw: Noting two aspects, what's required for making newer approaches accessible;
... And then the need within APA Captcha update

<Judy> ds: coming at this from the perspective of trying to help the TF tackle research questions -- none of us are specialists on authentication

<Judy> ...I did a quick lit rvw using ACM library, got a sample of papers that have been published in the last ~years

<Judy> ...haven't read them yet -- but gives an overview of the kind of topics that researchers are approaching

<Judy> ...or we can approach the authors and get an idea of the state of the art

<Judy> ...especially the topics that are on the intersection of accessibility and security

<Judy> ...and then bring in others

<Judy> ...I can continue to build out this list -- other repositories...

<janina_> scribe: janina_

jb: Thinks the approach may help, but wants to suggest we keep closer to what's going on in the field
... We may not always be helping ourselves by going too far into academic research
... Important to include implementers

<sloandr> +1 to including implementers

jb: That may keep some of the newer approaches out for the time being, but could be more useful in W3C
... Also important to keep a structured approach

jgw: Is the concern the time delay from research to implementation?

jb: No, sometimes literature lags implementation, but also some implementation work is never actually published

jgw: Useful aspect of pubs is that it names participants we can follow up with

jb: Suggest inviting Wendy Seltzer and Sam Weiler
... into the conversation

jgw: I'll follow up

jb: And, I can reach out to Wendy and Sam

<Judy> [JB: I'll be happy to talk with Wendy and Sam]

jgw: Encouraging people to look at the cited work
... Sam will continue updating the wiki

<sloandr> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/research-questions/wiki/Relevant_Researchers

jgw: Goal is to build up user requirements and to gain an understanding of how the various pwd communities are supported with newer authentication approaches

<sloandr> The wiki page title doesn't really reflect the content of the page, so we'll probably need to edit that at some point

Collaboration with Silver Task Force

<Judy> [JB: these look like great resources, from David, to review -- thanks for finding these]

jgw: Just a brief review of what's going on
... WCAG has a TF looking at how next substantial guidelines might be developed
... This work is in parallel with work extending existing WCAT 2.X
... The Silver TF has sought our input on methodological questions relating to their research
... Includes ways of collecting data from stakeholders
... Also about how to publish their findings

david: Notes the TF just held a F2F--but I wasn't present so only looked at minutes briefly
... I have been publicizing the invitation to participate to the wider research community

mc: Notes TF is designing a survey, a focus in January plus lit review
... TF wants most research delivered by end of summer to have good impact on Silver

jgw: Recalling his meeting that RQTF wasn't being asked to do research, but to help in designing theirs
... e.g. is the proposed survey instrument methodologically sound?
... But it seems there's not anything to review just yet. When might we be asked?

mc: Hopes they'll approach RQTF first week of January at some level, with short turnaround

jgw: OK
... So, maybe we need to name the people that can give best feedback. No one immediately in mind, but this is one way to go at it

mc: Noting again they'll be looking for research that can provide results within a year
... Also wants to know what the priorities in research should be
... This could be a good RQTF topic

jgw: Believe we can't usefully do much more until contact from them
... Certainly can provide feedback on survey instruments and lit review

david: I'll continue to monitor and do what I can

Web of Things - Accessibility Implications and W3C involvement

Minutes from APA with WoT-IG at TPAC:


<Judy> scribe: Judy

js: I just pasted a pointer to discussion with WoT IG. Good discussion. Minutes give a good overview of some of the current thinking, and some of the current concerns.
... IG wants to get out of the product line silos and provide interop support.
... APIs are one of the ways that people tend to achieve that.
... one of my concerns is how do we review an API.

<sloandr> I can take over

js: one example that people think this is important is autonomous vehicles

<sloandr> scribe: sloandr

js: API could support identifying autonomous vehicles through innovative means, for example a custom audio file that enables non-visual identification
... a lot of APIs are emerging, but do we know if they cover all our needs?
... in robotics, we want tech to adapt to humans, and APIs need to be able to accommodate that

janina_ encourages RQTF to read the APA minutes referenced previously

jgw: thanks to janina_ for the summary of the state of play

jb: this is helpful background. To be able to envision the space, it's helpful to have a few use cases. Customized audio for autonomous vehicles is helpful. Would be nice to have more.

<janina_> jb: Notes that developing use cases will be important to understand what the research questions might be

<janina_> jb: Asking if there are other use case notions we could consider

<janina_> jgw: Having conversations that may get some

<janina_> jgw: Asking whther anyone is aware of ongoing work in this area?

<janina_> Scott: Asking whether home bot apis would fall into the category

<janina_> janina: I think so

<janina_> scott: Often the apps aren't that accessible, but the apis can help

<janina_> shadi: Expecting that different components, e.g. headset, won't be fully accessible--e.g. to deaf people ...

<janina_> shadi: but whatever sensor in particular, overall system needs to support all kinds of pwd users

<janina_> shadi: therefore, distributed components would be useful

<janina_> shadi: Maybe also a point for Silver to consider who's responsible for components integrating well

<janina_> shadi: this would need protocol level support

<janina_> shadi: So we can perhaps help figure out what aspect needs to be taken up by Silver vs WoT vs APA, etc

<janina_> Scott: Also interested in this

<janina_> janina: Notes that an eventual output like HTML's MAUR doc would be helpful

<janina_> jgw: Notes the ongoing WBS survey for RQTF telecon time.

Teleconference Schedule

<janina_> jgw: The suggestion for 8AM U.S. Eastern is that our Facilitator is commuting in that hour--don't know about working around that yet

<janina_> jgw: Also we'll have challenges because we have so many tz's

<janina_> jgw: Please do the WBS and provide your preferences

<janina_> jgw: We also need to continue to find a few more participants for our work.

<janina_> jgw: Next meeting?

<janina_> janina: Suggest 4 Jan

<janina_> jgw: Any objections?

<janina_> [crickets]

<janina_> david: Thinking of a blog post encouraging participation, TPG blog, could provide draft

<janina_> jb: Notes there's usually an approach in calls for participation, suggest followup with Shadi and maybe Michael

<janina_> jb: Suggests a pointer to W3C Blog post and maybe saying more would be the way to go

<janina_> jgw: Will move on this

<janina_> scott: Volunteering for lit review on captcha work

<janina_> jgw: Agree

<janina_> janina: And APA wants Dual Factor included, if possible

<janina_> jgw: Happy Hollidays

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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