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11 Nov 2016


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phil, timea, felix
christian, martynas


meeting start

phil: goal is to have quick review of use cases

see https://www.w3.org/community/rax/wiki/Draft_Material

phil: a lot of new use cases, that is great
... I can now run through our use case

vistatec use case

phil: we translate content. using XLIFF format for exchange of localisation information
... XLIFF widely supported in our industry
... many tools can read / write the files
... document is taken in a native format, e.g. ms word / indesign / ...
... the documents are filtered, translatable content is in XLIFF, until the content goes back to customer, re-inserted in original format
... we are interested in combination of XML and RDF. We have been involved in project which does semantic enrichment of content.
... the enrichment services return content in the NIF linked data format. we are interested how XLIFF and NIF interact

phil going through two serialization approaches in XLIFF for semantic enrichment, json-ld or ITS. See examples at https://www.w3.org/community/rax/wiki/Draft_Material#Enrichment_in_Localization_and_Translation

phil: ITS 2.0 standard allows to add enrichment information as XML attributes
... ITS 2.0 is also used in other formats like HTML5

RAX CG github space

phil: if you have translations between xml - rdf, we want to gather them here

felix: please send me your github IDs, I then can add you to the github project

next steps


bdva summit, 1st december


felix: session on standardisation on the summit, please consider to contribute! ask me if you have questions


"RDF/XML "plain" profile suitable for XSLT transformations"

felix: that document could move forward

phil: developer of mine could document outcomes as well, from different types of processing


next call in two weeks, same time

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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