Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference

22 Jun 2016


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eparsons, jtandy, MattPerry, frans, ClausStadler, kerry
Raúl, Payam, Linda, Andrea, PhilA, Josh, Scott, Byron, Jon, Bart, Nicky


<eparsons> Topic : Approve last week's minutes

<scribe> scribeNick: Kerry

<eparsons> PROPOSED : Approve last week's minutes

<eparsons> http://www.w3.org/2016/06/08-sdw-minutes.html

<jtandy> +1

<eparsons> +1

<scribe> chair: Ed

<MattPerry> +0 not there


<eparsons> RESOLUTION : Approve last week's minutes

<eparsons> Topic : Patent Call

<eparsons> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Patent_Call

<ChrisLittle> +0 to minutes. Not present

<eparsons> Topic : OWL Time FPWD Vote ?

<eparsons> http://w3c.github.io/sdw/time/

Ed: chrislittle is here and can anser any questions

chris: simon has done the work

<ChrisLittle> S/Chris/Chris/

eparsons: plan was to vote and move to fpwd as simon and chris are happy
... seems to be well structured and make logical sense
... are there enough people here?

ChrisLittle: only thing that is missing is about datetime not just time, but there is more mielage in having time (e.g . milliseconds since 1970)
... also implication you cannot use time outside 24 hours and this should be removed

<Roba> Cant find the room. Not on signage or between h1.56 and h1.58!

eparsons: are you saying those are changes you might like to make before fpwd? that could be a showstopper for vote

jtandy: you were going to talk about calendars and trs

ChrisLittle: ywes, but that has come down to this problem with time implying a date ... want to put some context in here.. people confuse time with date
... dont know where to put this

jtandy: an annex?

ChrisLittle: would prefer in main doc ... for context... a handful of sentences

jtandy: so a bit of work to do there
... to ed's question are there enough on the call?
... but there is a captive audience in the room tomorrow/

eparsons: something chris needs to work on
... does simon agree?

ChrisLittle: not yet

eparsons: not yet then
... we need to delay for 2 weeks

<eparsons> kerry: vote at next SSN meeting ?

eparsons: we cannot vote today

<Zakim> jtandy, you wanted to suggest capturing votes by email for SSN subgroup call

eparsons: happy id we vote in ssn meeting

jtandy: can we vote by email?

eparsons: plan: chris to do those things by early next wwek and contact kerry to put vote on agenda for ssn meeting
... if we are ready at that point pls sen message to list to invite email vote
... can you say go or no/go on monday?

ChrisLittle: need to be able to talk to simon

eparsons: send email to myself and kerry on tuesday so we can make sure agenda is set for ssn meeting
... if we can get decsion on Tuesday that will work for ssn agenda meeting

<eparsons> Topic : BP Progress,

kerry: email votes will close at the opening of the ssn meeting

BP stuff

eparsons: was hoping linda could get here
... you need more help then we are providing you with and we need to find some more resources for you

jtandy: key thing for next WD for BP is the floding scenarion to offer enough detail to tech folks to understand
... people did put their hands up but it is not moving forward
... we need people to ask if they are unsure what is needed for each of those 9 subelements
... I am working on one on using elactic search and protocol buffers to serve feature data through restful servies for code snippets to put in the doc
... I ahave not produced this yet but I am not sure that there is other stuff moving along

eparsons: how do we know they are really best practice and not just an idea that might work?
... this is aimed at me -- I can point to some of these technologies but is it really best practice?

jtandy: what constiturtes bp? something that people can do right now but does not require standards to be modified
... what you are showing me is illustrative of something we have seen in other places.
... here is an example of a best practice approach, so the bp is ata one level but the example is an implementation pattern
... it is up to us to say that we recognise that as soemthing we have seen don and agree it is bp.

eparsons: agree it does not have to be the most popular way --- examples that demonstrate the approach we think is the right thing
... perhaps it is the semantics of the term BP

jtandy: need to have broad application and and example just needs to illustrate that
... inthe fpwd we wrote 30 best practices in a list and there was lots of new stuff there, and a lot of overlap with dwbp
... since then dwbp is far more polished and maybe 80% of ours are now sufficient in dwbp doc
... now we to say here is some conext and some narrative with examples and this is how they should be implemented in a spatail data context
... the other ones are new to our group...
... so many of our BPs will disappear becuase they are subsumed by DWBP
... but we still have editorial task to lay out the DWBP but this activity is ongoing

plus the examples and narrative and list of stuff that needs to be done in the broader community that need to go n the next version of the BP

robatkinson: i can spend a couple of days reviewing current draft if that helps

jtandy: talking it through is more important than looking over current draft -- e.g. your public comments (and [missed] from geonovum)
... in particular look at [missed] narrative and see if you can identify any examples for us

robatkinson: ok

jtandy: bart is ex-pecting to be funded to build and end-to-end testbed to show all these examples working together

robatknson: in the project I am doing we are building examples before september realting to cisixed scince

jtandy: will send you something to see what we are specifically looking for

eparsons: would you find another f2f useful to get more done?

jtandy: yes, worth discussing with linda, we editors have struggled with time on this report, so thise is not a lot for others to go from right now
... linda and payam and I will all have a bit of time very shortly -- if we can focus on this then we can push harder for the others

eparsons: could host in london

jtandy: bp subgroup meeting last wekk agreed we can do a fpwd for vote on 27 july
... so we will finsih for the 20th to be ready for the vote
... the other thing from the last meeting was about the difference between spatial things and geometry etc
... what should go in BP? we resolved to talk about spatial things and geometires being disjoint objects

<jtandy> in the Best Practice document we talk about "spatial things" and "geometries" as being disjoint objects - and no-one cares about the incredibly subtle difference between "spatial things" and the term "Feature" as used in ISO/TC 211 and OGC ... so we will use the term "spatial thing" for simplicity

<eparsons> +1

<MattPerry> +1 works for me

jtandy: (as opied in by jtandy)


robatkinson: we can poupnt to BP to back that u

jtandy: when we spoke with TBL in sapporo it reminds me of vcard -- one is a record and one is out there but people really don't care about that

ChrisLittle: in Dublin people are loking at objects again as opposed to features ... no bp, its all alittle early

jtandy: we expect the spatial ontology developing by josh and frans to provide detailed defs

robatkinson: in the borader context of BPon the web ointology is one representation but you can put up resources without the ontology but that does not have to be accepted to still have multiple representations of the thing identified

<jtandy> SpatialThing: “Anything with spatial extent, i.e. size, shape, or position. e.g. people, places, bowling balls, as well as abstract areas like cubes.” [W3C Basic Geo]

jtandy: agree, the w3cgeo record is borad enough

eparsons: was becoming concerned that we were getting too tradiotanl gi expert, but not the 90% of use cases that need simple solutions
... they need simple and nasty

jtandy: rob, you have identified hte uk linked data names views for collections of properties, but in ogc standards a feature can only be of one type? how does that work?
... not a prpble if we dont use "feature"

robatknson: will keep that in mind

<eparsons> Topic : W3C TPAC and F2F in Lisbon

<eparsons> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Attending_F2F4

eparsons: please identify whther you will be attending or not.
... book your tickets and accommodation
... call it a day

any questions/

any questions?

<frans> thanks, have a good day!

eparsons: thanks all, closing meeting. update on time early next week

<ChrisLittle> Bye

<eparsons> thanks kerry !!!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]