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Attending F2F4

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Attending in person

  1. Phil
  2. Andrea (Monday-Wednesday, included)
  3. Bill
  4. eparsons
  5. Raúl García-Castro
  6. Kerry
  7. Jeremy (now registered; flights & hotel booked ... see you there!)
  8. Armin (most probably)
  9. Linda
  10. Frans
  11. Bart ( at least Monday and Tuesday )
  12. Danh (likely Monday, Tuesday, and probably Wednesday if there's a break out session between WoT&SDW )
  13. Denise McKenzie
  14. Clemens Portele (Monday only)
  15. Raphael (Tuesday mainly)

Attending by remote

  1. Jon Blower (would probably focus on Coverage sessions)
  2. Sefki Kolozali
  3. Sam (ANU)
  4. Antoine Zimmermann (except Monday afternoon)
  5. Simon Cox - SSN sessions

NB: Lisbon time in September is UTC+1

Not Attending / Apologies

  1. Chris Little (either in Florida or Helsinki)
  2. Josh Lieberman (probably in Florida)