15 Jun 2016


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Kaz, Dave, Michael, Achile, Masato, Ryiichi, Sebastian, Takuki, Toru, Victor, Yingying, Darko, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Johannes, Nimura, Nan_Wang, Katsuyoshi


<kaz> scribenick: victor

Update F2F

<inserted> yingying: we'll have a separate call with CETC, the host of the Beijing f2f meeting

IoT TechExpo

Dave: attended one day, developer oriented side event.

security and shared semantics seemed to be an important concern.

about the main event, I was invited in a plenary session. A lot of interest for WoT.

Sebastian: how do we bring all interested people to the group?

Especially about security.

Dave: maybe a white paper gathering the challenges of WoT would help.

WG charter

<kaz> WG Charter

Sebastian: next week, discussions will be close.

one pending issue.

<inserted> Issue-174

PlugFest preparation

<kaz> PlugFest wiki

<kaz> Current Practices document

Current Practices document is supposed to provide an overall introduction to our activites.

reviewed the last days by Taki, Matthias and Sebastian. Still missing elements.

first section: Protocol bindings (Matthias)

concrete bindings for MQTT, BLE and WebSocket missing

volunteers needed

Dave: spoke with Louay yesterday. He might be able to help.

myself could help for WebSocket

Michael: started to work on MQTT (related to the abstract layer proposal). I could contribute for MQTT.

Sebastian: reviews mentioned, among others, lack of clarity for the TD context question and integration of external semantics secton empty.

Victor: submitted a pull request to address that.

<kaz> Victor's pr

Sebastian: what's new is Taki's section about the type system for TD.

JSON Schema is not the perfect solution and certainly no definitive one.

<kaz> Type System discussion

Dave: should also reference other proposals for a type system.

Victor: a link to the type system discussion should be added, indeed.
... Taki, could you do that?

<dsr> Dave’s notes are at https://github.com/w3c/web-of-things-framework/blob/master/documents/things.md

<dsr> + 1 to Michael’s work on schema.org for IoT metadata

Michael: there was also a proposal to use schema.org for the type system. It seems inappropriate.

we'd better use it for *external* semantics.

we should remove the schema.org column in the type system discussion.

Victor: I'll do that.

Kaz: A section about types should be added to the Tech Landscape document.

<kaz> Tech Landscape document

Sebastian: Dave, can you add your part to the tech landscape?

Dave: I will.

Johannes: Agree with Kaz. The Tech Landscape document is perfect for that purpose. The tech landscape activity vs. current practices activity should really be separated.

I mean, picking one technology in particular for PlugFest doest not prevent us from investigating further and extend the tech landscape.

Michael: JSON schema and schema.org could be both used, actually for they address different things

Sebastian: we will discuss this in breakout sessions in Beijing. We will start with the issues Dave raised regarding JSON schema

Dave: what often comes up when speaking with developers is the need for *ligth-weight* semantics

Darko: question to Dave: are we talking about extending schema.org or creating a WoT semantic framework?

Dave: it is an important discussion we should have in Beijing. What process should we follow to register/validate new concepts?

Sebastian: end of the type system section.

next section: discovery

Soumya is not in the call to comment. Matthias suggested this section wasn't clear enough

should we still try to integrate Louay and Dave's proposal for the next PlugFest or stick to a centralized "semantic-based" approach through the Thing Repository?

Dave: simple question: will we have this repository running locally in Beijing?

Michael: I think there is an action item for the repository

Victor: I'll check we can have a completely local version of the repository (issue with external JSON-LD contexts)

Dave: it is simple enough to register with mDNS or SSDP but we have to be sure we'll have time to address this properly.

Sebastian: we'll try to provide at least the repository

next CP section: security

Sebastian: someone willing to contribute for that section?

Toru: Panasonic followed Oliver's instructions. New approach for this PlugFest? If not, we can copy Oliver's instructions in the doc.

Sebastian: I'll try to ask Oliver.

next section: scripting API

Johannes: some changes on the API, currently a proposal on Github. More consistent, especially for the server-side.

should merge it in the CP document. Would like to have Louay's feedback first. Should als translate the proposal into webIDL first

<kaz> Issue-173

Johannes: comment on issue #173 are welcome

Dave: it depends on the language used. The API might not fit dynamically typed languages.

the idea is to have a minimal basis + syntactic suger for a particular language (see e.g. DOM vs. jQuery).

e.g. discussion about using constructors or factories. There is nothing preventing you from adding language specificities.

expect to reach out to more people. For instance the author of the Generic Sensor API

Sebastian: what is still needed is a description of semantic extension mechanisms in the TD.

Victor: my last PR also has a few changes in this section.

Darko: I'll also have a look at this section.

Michael: I have started using external semantics btw. Details in the mailing list.

online Things

Johannes: some WoT simulators are available online

without concrete behaviour, though.

anybody else having Things exposed in the Web?

It would be interesting for testing

next Web meeting

topics to add to the agenda:

1. WG charter

2. CETC presentation (separated Web call next Tuesday, 9-10am)

Toru: what is the purpose of this pres?

Yingying: presentation of some implementation related to IoT Alliance. Focus on interop. How to combine it with our PlugFest

End of the meeting

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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