Automotive Working Group Teleconference

14 Jun 2016

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Adam, Benjamin_Klotz, Kaz, Qing_An, Ryan, Ted, Volker_Fricke, Wonsuk, Yingying, Philippe_Robin


<scribe> Meeting: W3C/Genivi coordination call

[[- Meeting number: 648 679 820

- Meeting link: https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m26cd455ed9ae6d9fedddad0c4df8842e

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<QingAn> https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/wiki/Main_Page/LBSScopeAndRoadmap

qing_an: we have an initial scope and roadmap for LBS
... we will first start on LBS data formats and doing so with Philippe
... I encourage everyone to take a look and provide comments
... I expect by next week we will have a draft version of the data format for LBS

wonsuk: regarding scope, you intend to @@@

qing_an: we feel the location data spec would be a good compliment to the vehicle data spec
... and want to do POI on the same model
... we hope to have draft of that work by TPAC

wonsuk: we also have a F2F in July, perhaps we can take an earlier detailed look then

qing_an: sure and believe Philippe Colliot will be there but I will only be able to participate remotely
... we want to attract more LBS participants. Philippe hopes to talk to TomTom and Delphi who recently joined the Genivi LBS effort
... we plan to have bi-weekly call for the LBS task force

wonsuk: any comments?
... timeframe for LBS client api is next year

qing_an: yes, perhaps ambitious but that is our hope
... we hope to have the data format done by Q3 of this year

wonsuk: I hope we can expose the most important LBS data initially and can expand over time
... that may make it more reasonable
... it will help flush out further use cases and be something tangible people can interact with and get feedback
... a continous, incremental approach might be better

qing_an: I will discuss priorities with Philippe (Colliot)
... I think the POI data may be more important

wonsuk: any other comments?

kaz: curious if there should be separate LBS tf calls or part of the regular BG

ted: I suggest both and encourage LBS tf people to meet so they can have more detailed discussions
... they should send call details to the BG public mailing list so others interested can join

kaz: like the WG we should specifically recruit tf participants

wonsuk: I think it would be great if this tf call information is on the wiki

Media tuner

wonsuk: in the case of media tuner, who can explain the current status?
... from what I understand Ryan Davis is one of the participants

ryan: we had gone through specific use cases and in the process of bringing those over to the TV controller group
... we have a media tuner tf page. attendance has dropped off and it has been inactive for some time
... I have been attending the TV controller call and reviewing their use cases at present
... it does appear that the TV control API draft spec is available and will take a look at that
... I also heard there was an effort to draw more interested resources

ted: yes, Philippe Robin from Genivi was going to reach out to Gerard @@ from Bosch but I have not heard back

kaz: the TV controller guys will be having a second phase use case discussion and should review the ones provided earlier
... they are discussing for example radio use cases

ryan: I saw request for those and not sure I am the right person but can provide a couple
... they would be different

kaz: I am happy to help but we need someone to bring the ideas to the TV group again

ryan: the use cases seem more toward radio use cases for tv not automotive which is skewed
... I was hoping for a more core/common api that could be used for both platforms

ted: Kaz maybe you can go back and talk to them, they are suppose to liaise with us as part of their charter and we should encourage them to be broader in nature and not tv centric
... agree we need more people providing automotive perspective in addition to Ryan

<inserted> kaz: even though their group name is "TV Control WG", their target technology is not only for "TV devices" but also any kind of media tuning, so should include media tuner capability for IVI as well

wonsuk: we should as a group (BG) review the use cases and which we should emphasize to tv group
... I see the use cases on the wiki

ryan: there is also a comparison document at the bottom

wonsuk: I am having trouble accessing the document linked from there

ryan: Dave Mitchell set that up and thought he had it open, do request access

<kaz> use case doc

ryan: we haven't had much feedback

wonsuk: revisiting the current use cases make sense
... have you compared their use cases?

ryan: I haven't but can take an action to do so
... the tv tuner is pretty self explanatory
... I might be able to finish my review by next week

<kaz> TV Control API draft

wonsuk: please share the results to either wiki page or mailing list

kaz: we should update the media tuner wiki page to encourage people to join

ted: Philippe any success recruiting Gerard?

philippe: I'm on it but no answer yet

trackbot, status?

Action Ryan to review use cases in comparison with TV controller ones

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wonsuk: Paul was going to look into the details of the SOTA API

ted: my understanding is that Rudi and Paul suggested we table SOTA standardization for the time being
... it will progress as part of RVI stack and we may revisit later but no need for standardization work on it at present

philippe: that was my understanding too
... can we adjust this meeting by 30 minutes?

wonsuk: any objection?


wonsuk: I will change the call details on the wiki and in email announcements


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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