20 Apr 2016

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Joerg_Heuer, Matthias_Kavatsch, Michael_Koster, Ari_Keranen, Darko_Anicic, Dave_Raggett, Frank, Masato_Ohura, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Soumya_Kanti_Datta, Takuki_Kamiya, Toru_Kawaguchi, Victor_Charpenay, Yingying_Chen, Claes_Nilsson, Kazuaki_Nimura, Kaz_Ashimura, Katsuyoshi_Naka, stakagi, Louay_Bassbouss
akeranen, DarkoAnicic


<akeranen> Starting a bit late because some folks were in the wrong webex.

<akeranen> Matthias presenting the wiki for call info: https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/IG_WebConf

<akeranen> Agenda bash: added point about re-chartering IG

<DarkoAnicic> scribe: akeranen

Matthias gives overview of the f2f meeting. More details in the wiki and slides.

Valentin presented interesting VR editor project that could be interesting for WoT

Joao presented their platform. Will participate in future plugfest / TPAC

Getting started with WoT presentation by Matthias et al; slides at the Github. Plan to improve slideset over time.

Last of the f2f day: Ian Skerret / Eclipse. Lots of pointers how we could improve open source activities.

Ended first day with plugfest

Kaz: should think about concrete task list action assignment from the conclusions.

Matthias: have on the agenda

Soumya: discovery breakout had joint meeting; architecture and protocol bindings presented. Agenda point later.

Sebastian: at TD had 3 breakout sessions. Main topics about TD structure, TD templates
... will follow new TD structure. With templates should think about solutions and make proposals how to handle.
... next breakout about data types and restrictions and assumptions in TD.

<kaz> f2f day1 minutes

<kaz> f2f day2 minutes

Sebastian: analysis of different kind of protocols (Bacnet, MQTT, etc.) What kind of communication metadata required for protocol bindings. So far has been mostly REST based. Not so much stream based like MQTT / BT. Some will look into what is needed for those bindings.
... next session about BTLE. How to present in TD. Plugfest implementation. Many standard data type definitions that need to be looked into. How to use with TD. Action item to see how to handle. Want to address in next plugfest.
... wiki has detailed minutes

Jörg summarizes AP breakout

Jörg: discussed contributions from Fujitsu. Clarified deployment issues. Structuring around issues. Need to understand what are the commonalities. Will have followup.

<Claes> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/images/7/7f/WoT_architecture_update_160412.pdf

Jörg: second part was to understand how thing-internal processing could look like. Contributed to architecture discussion.

Matthias: Wednesday continue breakouts. Discussed what needs to be done with WG.

Jörg: during the meeting discussed how to improve communication. What messages we want to send? What needs to be understood by developers and decision makers. How to have plugfest instead of demo session.

Jörg: There is additional expectation for WG. So far we've looked at the charter and how to back up with tech findings. But additional expectations.

Jörg: Get more comments when doing charter work online. Comments tracked in issue tracker.

Jörg: try next two weeks to compile revised draft for review. Mid May go through the charter again and see if issues are resolved.

Jörg: have timeline for 2nd half of May to finalize doc

Jörg: should also work backward what needs to be done for WG review (Sept 2016)

Jörg: doing background work on preparations. Direct reference from charter to architecture work and current practice document.

Jörg: other companies arguing against going WoT tech way. Should communicate with them for comments on charter and current docs.

Jörg: need to interact in W3C and also outside. To see other companies view before going to review.

Jörg: at least 20% of companies should be supportive at W3C for charter to start WG

Dave: correct; probably not going to be problem. But need enough companies joining the WG and provide implementations.

<Yingying> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/images/6/6a/W3C_WoT_WG_Preparation_160420.pdf

Jörg: all information in the wiki

Jörg: key point that more requirements for WG than just the charter. Need to finalize draft documents. Is it only the two documents or do we need more? Need to focus on most essential doc(s).

Jörg: Communication package needs to be prepared. Started work on 1-sliders for developers and decision makers. Good to make visible what has been done in plugfests with implementations.

Jörg: also should do outreach to companies; based on communication package. How are the requirement? What's the urgency?

Matthias: current status at Github. Working on HTML version on-line. Second thing: using Eclipse for virtual hangout. Could get slot to present in one hangout. Will be recorded to youtube. Good way to reach out.

Dave: talked about reaching out to companies. But also good to reach out to SDOs and industry alliances. For urgency: agree that there is window of opportunity to define platform of standards. But need to move fast and charter the WG.

Soumya: +1

Matthias: slide set contains tech details that's interesting for other consortia. Addressing the technical folks. For example OCF interested in what the tech for TD looks like. What should be included in the package?

Dave: should work in parallel how to integrate with OCF and others. Setting call to discuss this with OCF. Will send e-mail about this.

<dsr> The aim being to test out understanding via creating some working demos for the integration

Jörg: regarding time window; the WG needs to communicate plans at TPAC at September. Do we see other relevant docs to look at? Is time-consuming. Need to be clear on focus

Dave: next doc on agenda, IG charter, also relevant

Jörg: for tech docs we would pick the two? Or do we need to focus to other docs?

Dave: open source project tracker page would be non-tech doc

Jörg: listed in communication package

Matthias: current practices doc has long text about security considerations going beyond implementation/practices info. If want to have separate security doc for security model etc. Too hard to have explanation and background now. Suggesting separate doc for this. Also to show concept of security model.

Jörg: could also be annex

Dave: joint white paper on semantic interop. Timeline of several months. Could reach out to externally.

Jörg: doc from IG?

Dave: being prepared by individuals at the moment. Could become IG doc
... background material when reaching out. Not needed to be linked from charter.

Soumya: doc tries to highlight how semantics can be used for interop and cross-domain cases. Common definition of semantic interop and discovery aspects.

[no further comments on next steps]

Jörg: should take OCF call with Ravi as action item

Will track the item in wiki

Jörg going through action item list in the wiki


Matthias: could we have material in github

Yingying: for first day of f2f can't do Alan

Jörg: let's take on communication call; need to discuss trade-off (official part on first day or not)

Yingyin: how about first half of 1st day; should be presentations

Jörg: with official presentations; should be demo of what WoT tech is. Can involve local contributors and send different message.

Jörg: is the information about the first day? Different stakeholders on each day. Need to meet expectations. Chance to hear from therem?

Yingying: companies would demo service or product. Can be demoed in parallel. Our group different.

Jörg: needs further discussion. Take to communication call.

<Yingying> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_July_2016,_China,_Beijing#Visa_Invitation_Letters

Yingying: registration page is ready. Need to do invitation letters early. Visas take time. Information at the wiki about requirements.

<Yingying> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_July_2016,_China,_Beijing#Registration

Jörg: need to put this info out prominently

Jörg: three plugfest preparation action items

Jörg: API/DI, TD, formal spec of proto bindings

Jörg: Matthias also writes plugfest objectives. Louay sets up TD examples for BLE.

Jörg: first two addressed today. Third to github.

Soumya: propose that with Louay discuss this and give detailed presentation at the next meeting

Jörg: on agenda next time review of what's going to be prepared for plugfest

Matthias: can give initial input; update next time

Dave discussing re-chartering of IG

Dave: need to proceed rapidly with IG re-chartering. Can't just arbitrarily expand charter. Will put out draft. Aiming for new charter in 4 weeks time. Philip to do short extension to cover the review period.

Matthias: good if not different from existing one

Dave: need to think about. Continue the work on existing items to publish reports. Also clarify expectations and relationship to WG.

Jörg: do we have two persons who can come up with initial proposal?

Dave: can put one in github and use pull-requests there
... when is the next IG call?

Jörg: agreed to have one weekly

Dave: let's review initial draft charter next week

Jörg: good to have 2-3 people committed to work on this

Jörg: volunteers to work on this?

Jörg: split the work somehow? Someone from Japan and from Europe?

Jörg: Kaz, someone from Japan could support?

Takuki: can help with this

Jörg: will ask Sebastian to do this

Jörg: so Takuki, Sebastian and Dave to work on this

<DarkoAnicic> scribe: DarkoAnicic

DI scenarios

Soumya presents use cases

Soumya: will propose with Louay a draft on different discover mechasnims

joerg: think about the structure of the document to make it comprehancive

mkovatsc: points to be addressed are the plugfest review and WG Charter points to be discussed
... will update the wiki page accordingly
... the new wiki page exists, please stick to it

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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