04 Feb 2016


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Tzviya, Janina, Ivan, Markus, Rich, ShaneM


<richardschwerdtfeger> preseent+ Rich_Schwerdtfeger

<mgylling> http://idpf.org/news/first-editors-draft-of-epub-31-available-for-review

tzviya: IDPF published ed draft of EPUB 3.1 last week
... there are some dependencies on ARIA

<mgylling> https://www.w3.org/WAI/ARIA/track/issues/1009

<mgylling> https://www.w3.org/WAI/ARIA/track/actions/2006

Rich: I am working on extended descriptions
... creating relationship for ext desc, requirement for it to be exposed to AT, it has to be visible
... in contact with CSS regarding media query for hide/show

Janina: i've been in contact with florian
... the author doesn't do anything special. The media query is for UA not author

tzviya: what can dpub do to help?

Janina: Let's see what James and Florian say in response to MQ question

ivan: please explain exactly what MQ would do

Janina: default is that descriptions are disabled. User can enable descriptions, up to UA to determine UI

Ivan: understood, but what is the query? What is the relation to MQ? Usually this relates to things like screen size

Rich: CSS needs to create am attribute similar to inverting colors
... basically context issues

<ShaneM> User / Device state

ivan: in some ways, this is more about context and user preference than media queries

<scribe> scribenick: Tzviya


<ShaneM> The naming is historical / legacy

Tzviya: link-types (https://www.w3.org/WAI/ARIA/track/actions/2006) is with Joanie?

Markus: We are trying to figure out how we can help

Rich: We are trying to get this into the content, and we have a new consensus policy. At this point, just need to support it
... People are generally supportive of link-type approach. We need to write it
... make sure that all link-types are represented
... Extended Descriptions becomes a browser prefence and need to discuss how access it
... This is likely to be a reading system issue

Tzviya: How does this solve anything then?

Ivan: There are numerous things that I can set in my browser: font size, etc. If the model is that I set this in the CSS, maybe we want to put this in a larger context
... Maybe this is not just about extended descriptions?

Janina: Yes, but one step at a time

Rich: After ARIA 1.1, I'll be working on p18n as well
... I can't see an OS-wide system for revealing extended descriptions
... Once we resolve link-types, we need to do another pass at API mappings with all vendors
... How does this get pulled into EPUB?

Tzviya: It is a reference
... We are scheduled to publish another draft of DPUB-ARIA in March. This affects testing and APIs


Shane: HTML A11y TF will discuss notes today, checking to see if this group has any changes
... is there still interest in this community in creating something for notes?

tzviya: dpub-aria has role="footnote | footnotes | noteref"

markus: there is also the possibility of link-type = "noteref"

Janina: We are pulling 5.1 together as a following up to 5.0

tzviya: once you're talking about a11y issues in html, please define whether there is a max char count for alt text and what it is

rich: what does EPUB 3.1 say about describedat?

<ShaneM> https://w3c.github.io/alt-techniques/

markus: we took it out of the draft. There is a placeholder for whatever ARIA comes up with to replace it

<ShaneM> tzviya: https://w3c.github.io/alt-techniques/#alt-restrict-no-difference

<ShaneM> lol - I meant https://w3c.github.io/alt-techniques/#alt-restrict-overflow

bye, zakim

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