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Semantic Sensor Network Ontology

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Workspace Documents

how to work with GitHub for ssn
SSN Tasks
SSN References
SSN Wish List
Wide Review
Response to Requirements
Issue Tracker -- Open Issues -- Terms
New Ontology Design Pattern
SSO replaced by SOSA Ontology
Integration issues
Proposals for rewriting SSN
oldSSN/SOSA/SSN Integration Methodology
Integration Issue
Remaining Options for SOSA-SSN Integration
Ontology metadata
voaf vocabulary -- Resolved
ontology titles
ontology description
ontology creator
ontology contributor
ontology rights and licence -- Partially resolved 28/02
ontology versionInfo -- Resolved
vann vocabulary -- Resolved
General axioms and metadata for terms
RDFS Class or OWL Class -- Resolved
Domain, Range, InverseOf -- Resolved
Definition, Notes, Examples, Comments
Language tag
Make SSN reachable from SOSA using seeAlso and comment
Extension to Actuating / Sampling
original proposal for Actuation -- Partially resolved 21/02
original proposal for Sampling
Naming and definition of FeatureOfInterest
Linking Systems and Features of Interest
Property and Observable Property -- Resolved 21/02
naming of xxxProperty -- Resolved 21/02
Link between FeatureOfInterest and xxxProperty
Devices that implement procedures
Link between Actuator and ActuatableProperty
Link between Sensor and ObservableProperty
Link between Actuator and FeatureOfInterest
Link between Sensor and FeatureOfInterest
Execution of a procedure
Link between Actuation and Actuator -- Resolved 21/02
Link between Observation and Sensor
Link between Actuation and ActuatableProperty -- Resolved 21/02
Link between Observation and ObservableProperty
Link between Actuation and FeatureOfInterest
Link between Observation and FeatureOfInterest
Naming of isObservedBy vs madeObservation in SOSA
Storing Observation Value
Result and Command
PhenomenonTime and resultTime
Sensing and Actuating
Input and Output
Link between platform and device
Measurement and Operating Properties
Measurement and Operating properties for actuators
Measurement properties are classes or properties
Operating properties in SSN
Mapping Table
Alignment to O&M
Alignment to om-lite
Alignment to OBOE
Comparison between SSN and WoT TD
Implicit Implementations entailed by Axioms
Generic vs Specific Modeling