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Web and Digital Marketing Convergence

What's missing? What's next?

A W3C workshop hosted by Nielsen

September 17-18, 2015 Tampa, Florida

Key topics

  • Campaigns
  • Experience, Content, and Assets
  • Metrics and Data Collection
  • Channel and Delivery
  • Audiences
  • Context
  • Performance
  • Security and Privacy

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Who should attend?

  • Marketers and advertisers, agencies, operations
  • System and technology providers and consumers
  • Publishers
  • Ad eco-system players
  • Market researchers
  • Retailers

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How to join

We invite you to submit a paper and to attend this workshop to help shape future W3C work.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has supported innovation since the dawn of the Web, from start-ups to mature Web properties. Over 25 years later, the W3C community sees an emerging need for standard mechanisms in support of digital marketing interoperability and analytics for the ecosystem’s growth and resiliency.

Why Now?

Digital Marketing and the ecosystem surrounding it are growing at an unprecedented pace as consumers and companies take advantage of new devices, features, and content on the Web. As the Open Web Platform and technologies such as HTML5 continue to expand and offer new functionalities, brands, interactive marketers, content publishers and third party providers are calling W3C's attention to gaps and challenges, which include a lack of standards on the definition and secure execution of, for example, marketing campaigns, advertising performance, data collection, and marketing signals.

Why W3C?

The transformation and impact of diverse industry needs on the Web is a core focus of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

In collaboration with experts in organizations representing interactive advertising, media, digital marketing, online retailing, market research, customer data analytics, Web applications, consumer groups, and more, W3C is organizing its first digital marketing workshop. Our goal is to start conversations with technical representatives from the broad digital marketing industry and the open web community to better understand what changes to the Open Web Platform would help improve interoperability, increase efficiencies, enable new innovations, and enhance communications.


W3C Workshops are open to the public -- all who want to attend should send a statement of interest or position paper, and the program is developed from there. Workshops help identify technical areas to be developed further in W3C Interest Groups or Working Groups.

We invite you to submit a paper and to attend this workshop to help shape future W3C work.

W3C gratefully acknowledges the support of The Nielsen Company for hosting this workshop and Adobe for their kind sponsorship.