The W3C Data Activity

An overview, July 2015

Phil Archer <>


Where it all began

Iconic diagram from front of original proposal Tim's Browser for the NeXT

Where We Are Today

Most of the W3C Team, Shenzhen, November 2013
A USB stick on a traditional record card with some basic metadata

Photo: Rosie Sutton

A road with terraced housing down either side, with some snow. Bare patches show ehere cars were when the slow fell

Hastened Movement Attribution Share Alike Some rights reserved by Bs0u10e0

The Web of Data

Linked Data uses the concepts and technologies of the Web to describe the world

An Incomplete List of Key Standards

The Data Activity


What's Next?

Looking at licensing and rights statements coming from the work on ODRL

Making data more accessible in the way developers want it. JSON-LD is an important start of course. Things like Linked Data Fragments, Hydra and Facebook's GraphQL are all highly relevant.

Helping industries make incremental improvements from where they are towards smarter use of HTML5 and data on the Web.

Areas of interest include:

Basic Steps

Use persistent URIs as identifiers.

Share data intelligently.

Be nice to developers.

Phil Archer <>