XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

11 Nov 2015


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Alain, Erik, Steven


<trackbot> Date: 11 November 2015

XForms day and XML Amsterdam debriefing


Steven: A great success, enthusiastic. We've decided to have one again next year.
... 2 talks in morning, and 6 in the afternoon
... two implementors
... test generation talk, also a project in the Dutch Ministry of Educaiton.
... a broad subject mix

Alain: It was interesting, and people saw it was meaningful

Steven: XML Amsterdam had two or three talks on XForms, including one that had live updates as a reposnse to people tweeting from the audience.

Known implementations


" There are a few implementations here: http://www.w3.org/community/xformsusers/wiki/XForms_Implementations that are still downloadable even though no recent work has been done on them, for example David Landwehr’s SolidForms (several downloaded this week too according to SourceForge). Do people think these should these be included in a list?


Steven: I think they should be included but in a separate category.
... there's the Nokia one as well

Alain: It's meaningful.

<ebruchez> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/XForms


Erik: Dan did a lot of work on this. Maybe we should take ownership

Steven: Seems a valid point

Erik: I don't know if we have the bandwidth though, but it would be good to keep it going.

Steven: Right
... Maybe we could get Mark involved as well.


Summary of Action Items

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