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If you are aware of an implementation not listed here, please add it here. You may also want to send an announcement about the implementation to www-forms@w3.org.

New releases as well as upgrade releases announced in the news (i.e. not just daily releases) can be moved to the top of the list at the time of announcement so that the most active implementations bubble to the front of the list over time.

Test Suite

The XForms Test Suites are available on the W3C Forms Working Group website.


These implementations have been reported to us; W3C has not tested them to see to what extent they properly implement XForms. You should do your own evaluation of their suitability.

Active Implementations

These are implementations known to be current.

Device Magic Mobile Forms provides a way of easily collecting data from people in the field from a smartphone or tablet device. Implementations for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

IBM Forms, version 4.0 is the latest release of IBM's XForms-powered software suite for designing and deploying high-precision interactive forms for enterprise information solutions. Please see the announcement for links to video demonstrations, further information and free trial downloads.

XSLTForms is an open-source client-side implementation (but not a plug-in or install) that works with all major browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and more). It is based on XSLT 1.0 to compile XForms to vanilla (X)HTML and Javascript.

Orbeon Forms Orbeon Forms is an open source, standard-based web forms solution, which features: • Form Builder, the WYSIWYG browser-based authoring tool • Form Runner, the runtime environment which facilitates the deployment and integration of large and complex forms • A core forms processing engine which implements specifications such as XForms 1.1 and XBL 2 with no need for client-side software besides a standard web browser.

The betterFORM project has released a new version (3.1) of its XForms-based toolkit, with a focus on the combination of eXistDB with betterFORM to provide a complete platform for developing XRX (XForms REST XQuery) applications that use XML technologies from front to back. An graphical installer makes it easy to quickly get started.

Xfolite is a light-weight XForms client for the J2ME platform. It was originally created at Nokia Research Center, and it includes a DOM and XPath 1.0 implementation as well as an XForms engine that implements the XForms 1.1 specification almost completely. XML Schemas and CSS are outside project scope, however. Xfolite is open source and licensed under the LGPL license.

The EMC Documentum XForms Engine (codenamed Formula) is a pure client-side XForms implementation that runs entirely from within a web browser. It is capable of rendering very flexible and dynamic forms without the need for a plugin or processing outside of the browser.

Jadu Jadu XForms lets you create accessible and XML enabled online forms for integration with payment and CRM systems.

Open Office XForms is integrated in Open Office.

Libre Office XForms is integrated in Libre Office

Cordys Cordys includes a server-side implementation of XForms and an XForms editor as part of their product line.

Older Implementations

These are implementations that have not (yet) been updated to the latest version of the specification, or as far as we know are no longer maintained.

Mozilla XForms project The Mozilla XForms project provides XForms 1.1 extensions for Firefox 2 and 3, version 0.8.6.

PicoForms Internet Edition is an XForms implementation for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6-7. PicoForms product line can now reach the desktop, mobile, voice and paper.

DataMovil 3.0 is a platform for the development and deployment of mobile applications. It includes a client based on a Xforms engine, a server and an editor. It runs on a variety of devices like TabletPC, UMPC, PDA/Windows Mobile, and advanced handsets like Nokia Serie 60 or Blackberry. It is developed in Java for two different JVMs: CDC/Personal Profile and CLDC/MIDP 2.0. An evaluation version may be requested and downloaded from here.

formsPlayer XForms Processor is an XForms processor that can not only run in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but can also be embedded in desktop applications, such as those written using the .NET framework. formsPlayer supports the full range of XForms 1.0 features, and most of the features in XForms 1.1, within both HTML and XHTML pages. However, formsPlayer goes further and allows XForms widgets to be created using a variety of techniques, such as with Microsoft Silverlight. The download also provides additional modules for building browser extensions, creating system tray messages, easy installation and upgrading from within an XForm, and more. The formsPlayer web-site also includes a number of tutorials and samples, including a detailed Introduction to XForms.

MozzIE is an open-source plug-in for Internet Explorer that uses the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine to provide XHTML/XForms/SVG/MathML rendering.

PicoForms PicoForms XForms browser is a small-footprint extensible browser engine supporting XHTML, CSS and XForms written in Java thus allowing it to run on most Java-enabled devices.

SolidForms SolidApp's open source software provides a declarative standard-based XML platform stack. The platform uses XForms as the main language for defining the user interaction, data model and processing model. XForms is a declarative XML markup for creating forms specified as a recommendation by W3C and is build upon XPath, XML Events and XML Schema. XPath is used for binding the user interface, XML Events to receive and process messages and XML Schema is used for validation.

Chiba project Chiba provides an implementation of the W3C XForms standard, thereby delivering generic, xml-based form-processing for the web.

FormFaces is a pure JavaScript solution. This means that XForms+HTML can be sent directly to the browser where JavaScript transcodes the XForms controls to HTML form controls and processes the bindings directly within the browser - requiring ZERO server-side processing (common solution across disparate frameworks such as Java and .Net) and ZERO plug-ins (cross-browser compliance, including Opera).

X-Smiles A Java-based XML browser from Helsinki University of Technology. It provides support for the XForms 1.0 Recommendation and uses XForms together with XHTML, SMIL, SVG or XSL-FO on the user interface side. It also supports XSLT, ECMAScript and more.

IBM XML Forms Generator The XML Forms Generator Eclipse plug-in generates functional forms with XForms mark-up embedded within an XHTML document, using an XML data instance (optionally backed by XML Schema and/or Schematron) or a WSDL document as the source. A free download.

IBM Visual XForms Designer The Visual XForms Designer Eclipse plug-in is a visual design environment for creating XForms documents. A free download.

ActiveGrid Includes an XForms implementation and editor as part of its software.

AJAXForms Transforms XForms documents into HTML+Javascript. Open source.

eXforms XForms provides a great deal of functionality, but sometimes an extension will solve an immediate problem that falls outside the scope of the current Recommendation. exforms.org provides a set of specification for extending an XForms processor in a uniform way.

Oracle A preview release of Oracle's XForms processor PlugIn for Internet Explorer 6 on Win2000/WinXP. A User's Guide, Datasheet and several samples are provided with the preview release install.

LiquidOffice Cardiff has released support for both XML form definition and XML data interchange within the LiquidOffice eForm Management System.

XFormation An XForms editor, incorporating formsPlayer 1.0, that provides the ability to rapidly design, develop, manage and debug XForms. Can automatically generate an XForm from an XML Schema.

Mozquito DENG DENG is a Modular XML Browser, capable of rendering subsets of XForms, SVG, XHTML, arbitrary XML with CSS (e.g. RSS), XFrames and any other custom XML namespace.


WorkflowGen solution now supports XForms technology from W3C. It is now possible to mix PDF forms and XForms forms in a single workflow.

NMatrix a project to implement a matrix of standards implementations, ranging from DOM3, XmlEvents, XForms, etc.

AchieveForms AchieveForms from Business Web Software is a server-based XForms designer with a web browser interface that can output forms as XForms and can process completed forms from an XForms browser to email recipients, databases, and forward XML files of completed form data.