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10 Apr 2015


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Patrik Adler
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<padler> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webpayments-ig/2015Apr/0059.html

<dezell> scribenick: dezell

DE: I think this call is the place where Erik's missive needs to be addressed.

<dezell2> David: I think the existing short list is good � X9.68, X9.73, X9.119pt2 is a good starting list. Add ISO12812 and ISO20022.

<dezell2> Erik: so this looks OK.

<dezell2> scribenick: dezell2

<padler> https://github.com/w3c/webpayments-ig/blob/master/latest/payment-agent/index.html

<jheuer> +1 to W3C playing an important role in a global payment standard

Discuss updates related to alignment

David: I think the existing short list is good � X9.68, X9.73, X9.119pt2 is a good starting list. Add ISO12812 and ISO20022.

Erik: so this looks OK.

https://github.com/w3c/webpayments-ig/blob/master/latest/payment-agent/index.html as well as any proposed updates

<jheuer> what can you do when you just see the HTML in order to get to the document?

pat: we've broken into several sections.

<pbazin> to see html: get the raw content and copy it into a local html file, then display it with your browser

<jheuer> really?!

pat: 4 sections - introduction, detailed reqs, use case illustration, references, acknowledgements.

<padler> 1.1 The Challenge with Payments on the Web 1.2 Key Principles and Goals 1.3 Elements of a Unified Web Payments Architecture 1.4 Deployment Contexts 1.5 Functional Contexts (Role) 1.6 Putting things together

<Erik> http://htmlpreview.github.io/

<padler> http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/w3c/webpayments-ig/blob/master/latest/payment-agent/index.html

<jheuer> works for me

<pbazin> works for me

pat: we need to review the introduction. There are three major sections, similar to how we broke down use cases into "phases", we've taken a similar approach.
... section 1.3 describes "what we want the payment architecture to be able to do."
... section 1.4 describes "who."

<padler> http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/w3c/webpayments-ig/blob/master/latest/payment-agent/index.html

pat: I think the functional units 1.3.3 etc. describe the functional areas.

Erik: there is an interoperability risk for tokens (for example).

Pat: so each functional area may need more explanation.

dezell: I suggest drop API from the description and replace components with "functionalities"

joerg: one thing that has made it possible to make progress is to use APIs.
... can we describe a transaction in a way that makes use of the APIs.
... be cautious about thinking "API" or "functionality" - we need abstractions.

pat: so I hear "what are the core logical services that can be assembled into a payment transaction."
... Section 1.3 is the functional "whats".

Erik: I think we need not to give too much wiggle room in the APIs. There shouldn't be a difference between a payment and a coupon.

<jheuer> +1 to encapsulating on an abstract level

pat: yes, interoperability requires very specific definitions.
... that will be addressed later in the document.

<jheuer> don't think we could understand how coupons, loyalty, etc. work - we can only try to channelize where they pass through

<jheuer> ... and how they are represented and handled by e.g. user agents

<jheuer> +1 to aligning with use case 'phasing'

<padler> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webpayments/raw-file/default/WD/use-cases/2015-04-16/index.html

dezell: Ithink we need to approach both sides of ISO20022 - dictionary/message and business process definition.

pat: working from flows in 6.1. It's important to break these flows out, and describe where these functions might be running.

joerg: I'm starting to wonder how my initial contribution maps to what we have here.
... my warning - given the genericness, I'm worried about boiling things down to technology.
... I'd like to try to map what I had previously to what we have here.
... my thinking was horizontal payment agent, but this model is very vertical.
... should W3C actually try to solve all these problems?
... I feel pressure in the payment industry to solve lots of these problems.
... but I don't see a clear mapping.

pat: I can see that there might be maps to the functional goals in 1.3, informed by prototypes.

<jheuer> I'm happy to provide such input, pat

pat: but I'm not sure how the previous work actually solves the problems.

<Erik> I dont think that we should have different flows based on the capabilities of a different device. I believe that regulatory constraints, say a transactional value of < $300 doesnt need a biometrics as part of the transaction. I believe that regulatory support should be brought in such that if a transaction is of a high value then biometrics is required

Erik: TecSec said don't limit payment capabilities based on the device.
... as mobile devices get better, validation capabilities will get better.

joerg: we have gone from an area where I could solve problems, and now we're in an area where I can't.

<Erik> Thats why we are a group jheuer!

joerg: I will do my best to bring this all together.

pat: we are calling this document "Payment Agent" but we are really describing a "Payment Architecture for the Web".

<jheuer> I'm a decomposer by heart! Hope that helps...

pat: big topic - more and more interest. We need to start framing this document as a unified architecture.

+1 to "calling this "unified web payment architecture""

Summary of Action Items

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