Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference

18 Feb 2015


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<trackbot> Date: 18 February 2015

<kerry> make logs public

<scribe> scribe: eparsons

<KarlG> I am on the call - is there something further I need to do?

<JoshLieberman> zakim LieberJosh is JoshLieberman

<LarsG> zakim ??p21 is me

<LarsG> zakim +??p21 is me

<KarlG> okay

<phila> agenda: https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Meetings:Telecon20150218

<scribe> Meeting: SDW WG Weekly

PROPOSED: Accept last weeks minutes http://www.w3.org/2015/02/11-sdw-minutes.html


<KJanowicz> +1

<aharth> +1

<Frans> +1

<ClemensPortele> +1

<AndreaPerego> +1

<MattPerry> +1

<KarlG> +1

<Simon> +1

<CoryHenson> +1

<phila> +1

<LarsG> +1

<Alejandro_Llaves> +1

<Linda> +1

RESOLUTION: Accept last week's minutes

<JoshLieberman> +1

Kerry: patent call

<phila> Patent Call

<KarlG> I'm new

Kerry: anyone new ?

<kerry> +q

<kerry> -q

<KarlG> +q

Karlg: works at Standford U - Space & Time modelling interests

F2F Meeting

<kerry> F2F meeting: call for presentations on GeoSPARQL, NeoGeo and the ISA Core Location vocabulary, GeoJSON, GeoJSON-LD and TopoJSON (for initial background, not for discussion)

Kerry: Pin down agenda

<kerry> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/F2f_Barcelona

Kerry: Please look - main job use cases review
... Scope Questions - Is this Use Case relevant re charter
... Next F2F item requirements then Use Case doc ready ASAP after meeting

<Frans> I have volunteered!

Kerry: 2 Editors Frans & Alejandro
... 3rd editor welcome

<Alejandro_Llaves> Yup! Sorry, audio problems with my SIP client again...

<Alejandro_Llaves> Agree!

Kerry: Final item Presentations on Technology in Charter
... From people who know them..

<MattPerry> +q

Kerry: Edit wiki to add your technology presso

MattPerry: Happy to do GeoSparql

<JoshLieberman> Gotomeeting will also be in use at the OGC meeting. Could use this for a remote presentation...

<JoshLieberman> Visual sharing was what I was thinking.

Kerry: GotoMeeting & Zakim/IRC may cause confusion - Gotomeeting for video only

Scope Questions

<kerry> Scope Questions: pls see and add to http://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Scope_questions_and_Requirements

Kerry: Idea to use q's to understand which parts of use cases are relevant
... To do before f2f meeting
... No time to present all use cases at meeting
... Editors write up review

<Linda> i hear it too

No we all hear

<RaulGarciaCastro> too

<Frans> same hear!

Thats better

<kerry> you cant hear me???

<AndreaPerego> No

<Simon> Was Kerry ??P1?

<Frans> Perhaps Kerry was P1?

<KJanowicz> No

No can't hear kerry

<kerry> i dont know why you cant hear me

<kerry> i can hear you

<kerry> i am hear -- i can hear you!

<kerry> i am here - i can hear you!

Kerry: Working from wiki page Q1 resolved - yes spatial data
... Happy to accept new proposals

<kerry> Does the requirement encourage publication or re-use of data on the Web; (suggestion to be developed) Is the requirement testable? - can it be tested by machines, humans or a combination of the two. (suggestion to be developed) public vs private web (suggestion to be developed)

<Frans> +q

<JoshLieberman> Not sure #1 covers this "does the use case involve spatial enablement of Web data?"

Frans: Most appropriate place for other questions?

<JoshLieberman> +q

Kerry: Wiki?

Phila: Mailing list preferred - track discussions, recorded
... Mailing list also provides notifications

Kerry: Transfer to wiki also

Phila: And link in wiki to mailling thread

<Frans> Linking stuff is always good

Kerry: Need to restrict Use Cases to Charter
... Some duplication expected

JoshLieberman: Wider area beyond spatial data on the web, can be given spatial content
... Clemens use case is good example

Kerry: Propose new question ?

<Simon> existential crisis

Kerry: Frans q2 What does resolved mean ? - Agreed

<LieberJosh> Does the use case involve providing a spatial context or component to existing Web data or content.

Kerry: Q4 - Q2 and Q3 will help
... in resolving

<ClemensPortele> +1 to adding Josh's question

LieberJosh: GeoRSS as example - adding geometry to feature

<Simon> Ping backs

LieberJosh: Provide spatial context for other information water level in a lake for example

Kerry: Reword ?
... Use case must meet ALL Questions

<Frans> +q

Kerry: Combine with q1? Data + Spatial content

<aharth> +q

<kerry> ack

Frans: Use case real world problem - scope to requirements not use cases

<KarlG> please unmute KarlG.a

Frans: Scope helps in interpretation

Kerry: Any one else on this topic ?

<KarlG> +q

<KarlG> please unmute KarlG.a

<Frans> Maybe we can try out the scoping process on one use case as a test?

<KarlG> question for Josh

<aharth> -q

KarlG: Q for Josh - spatial context is spatial data ?

LieberJosh: Context not geometry

<Simon> Geometry is a property or attribute, but is not a feature in its own right

LieberJosh: Geometry is attribute

<KJanowicz> focusing merely on geometry would be very reductionistic

<AndreaPerego> +1 to KJanowicz

<aharth> "context" may imply too much though, too broad a term

LieberJosh: may want to link spatial object to different spatial geometry or reference for context

<KJanowicz> what about platial data?

KarlG: Spatial data definition is Broad enough

<Frans> We may need a glossary page

<Adila> +1 to KarlG

<LarsG> +1 to Frans

<KarlG> +1 to Kerry

Kerry: OK to amend spatial data or context

<Alejandro_Llaves> +1 to Frans

<KJanowicz> +q

<Zakim> phila, you wanted to wonder whether this is the Web/GIS split

Phila: Interesting - problem with conceptual areas without boundary - little Italy for example
... Spatial context makes sense +Lieberjosh

<LieberJosh> +1 for Phila

<KJanowicz> Montello, Daniel R., Alinda Friedman, and Daniel W. Phillips. "Vague cognitive regions in geography and geographic information science." International Journal of Geographical Information Science 28.9 (2014): 1802-1820.

kjanowicz: Not explicit spatial geometry

+1 Phila

<Simon> Names are the primary 'spatial' designator in the general community!

<KarlG> placial? ;^)

<KJanowicz> not about whether you like the term, I made the same argument as you did

<CoryHenson> +q

<phila> :-) KJanowicz

<LieberJosh> +1 to spatial data or spatial context

<KJanowicz> for most of the places we do not have an exact spatial representation

CoryHenson: Spatial and Observations ? Observation out of scope ?

<Simon> However, PhilA argument (you can put a name on a map) proves that place-name can be linked to a coordinate, even if it is merely 'centre of gravity' or similar

<Frans> an observation can be of spatial nature. The observer can also have a location.

Kerry: No SSN covers this

<Simon> Cartographers have known this forever

<KJanowicz> so if our SSN is part of 'spatial' then our definition is very broad anyway

<LieberJosh> Observation actually has a multiplicity of spatial references, not a paucity

Kerry: Don't want spatial but not temporal

<Simon> If I understand correctly, Josh argument is that names can be linked to spatial coordinates, but often the link is maintained externally.

<KarlG> this always happens to time

<KJanowicz> +1 on spatial implies temporal

<kerry> Is the use case specifically about Spatial data on the Web? (Resolved 29/1/2015)

<Frans> In the locations and addresses group we hade a nice discussion about space and time. I send the link when I find it.

<kerry> Is the use case specifically about Spatial data or spatial context on the Web?

<AndreaPerego> Here it is: https://www.w3.org/community/locadd/wiki/Space_and_Time

<Simon> @kerry - what am I supposed to be looking at?

<LarsG> can we then say "spatiotemporal data or spatiotemporal context"?

<kerry> Propose: is the use case specifically about Spatial data or spatial context on the Web?

<KarlG> +1

<Frans> I am not clear on the definition of spatial context.

<kerry> +

<phila> This would amend the resolution taken on 29 Jan - which is fine

<Simon> +1

<kerry> +1

<ClemensPortele> +1


<MattPerry> +1

<RaulGarciaCastro> +1

<phila> +1

<KJanowicz> +1

<Alejandro_Llaves> +1

<Adila> +1

<AndreaPerego> -1

<CoryHenson> +1

<LieberJosh> +1

<Linda> +1

<aharth> +1 with josh's description over the phone

<LieberJosh> spatial data is feature data. spatial context is spatial reference attribute information separate from features.

<aharth> context = feature or geometry

Kerry: Not RESOLVED - discussion to be continued on the list

<aharth> i can write a short mail

<AndreaPerego> I'll explain my objection on the mailing list.

Kerry: Add more scope questions please
... TIme zone changes start this week until end of april
... No changes to current UTC time

<Simon> 5am meetings!!! Arrgh

<ahaller2> -1

Kerry: Will look again when all changes have worked through - end of April
... add time issues to list - Poll will not work
... Editor for use case still looking for more help
... Meeting closed

<Simon> Coffee.

<KJanowicz> bye, bye

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<Frans> to sleep!

<Payam> thanks; bye

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Thanks kerry bye !!

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