09 Feb 2015

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Mary_Jo_Mueller, Anthony_Doran


<Lisa_Seeman> agenda: this

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Adapting_content_for_coga_personalization#Limitations

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/track/actions/open

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Adapting_content_for_coga_personalization#Limitations

<Lisa_Seeman> scribe: Debbie_Dahl

<Lisa_Seeman> next item


michael: will describe how to edit
... github is a way of storing history of files and allowing multiple editors

<neilmilliken> sorry I am late

michael: our documents are in a repot, michael will give people permission to edit if they ask

<Lisa_Seeman> you can get your user name from https://github.com

<EA> https://github.com/w3c/coga

<Lisa_Seeman> our repository at https://github.com/w3c/coga/

michael: if you go into the folders you'll see the files

<EA> https://github.com/w3c/coga/tree/master/user-research

michael: respec does a lot of automatic formatting, editors don't need to know too much about how respec works
... but you shouldn't change any script parameters, don't change "include" attribute, everything is HTML5, we use "section" element to build table of contents
... script will collect heading levels to be a properly nested hierarchy, don't need id's
... you'll see that in action in the files that are there
... that's all specific to editing HTML
... to edit, you can do quick edits in the web interface,
... directly in the web, assuming you're logged in with GitHub id and have permission
... it's much better to download a copy and edit locally

lisa: any questions?

<slee> sorry I'm late

michael: there are many ways to download, there's a client that you can use, from GitHub.com/download

<slee> https://windows.github.com/

michael: the client is set up to know about github

<slee> https://mac.github.com/

michael: the first time it asks for your username and pw, then you have to clone the repository
... there should be a list of repositories, with links for "clone", etc.
... you give it the full url of the repo, there's a link on coga page
..https: //www.github.com/w3c/coga.git
... the client should be able to find it
... when you clone the repository, it downloads a complete copy of the repo to your computer
... you'll see all the edits
... you could clone it into the w3c repository
... folder
... at that point you'll see a copy of the files locally
... just edit the way you would edit any HTML files, and save
... then there's a two-step process, first, in your client, there will be "uncommitted changes", if you open that you'll have a chance to comment and then commit the change
... it's best to make changes incrementally rather than to make a big change all at once
... this is easier to sort out what the changes were

lisa: I deleted the "includes" by accident, then I also did a lot of changes at the same time. I had to go back and redo
... incremental changes make it easier to go back
... don't worry if you make a mistake

michael: that's the first step, making the commit, then you have to push changes to the central repository
... when you commit the uncommitted changes, they're only local. You can use the sync function to push your changes to the central repo
... sync in the client pushes your changes, and also downloads other people's changes
... to your repo
... so always sync before you start an editing session

lisa: how can I tell if someone else is editing?

michael: you can only tell if someone else has pushed an edit
... if we both make edits and push them. if they're in different places then GitHub can merge changes without any problems
... if we both edit the same place there can be a collision, and you have to go into complicated repair mechanisms
... so be sure to sync before editing
... if you think someone else might be editing, you should check with them
... install client, clone repo, make edits, commit and then push
... there's no WYSIWYG on the web interface
... you should edit locally using your tool of choiec

tony: I'm following along, and everything looks good
... the client is working well

lisa: any questions?

<Lisa_Seeman> next item

michael: confusing at start, then not so bad

lisa: feel free to ask questions

<Tony_Doran> Is there a disco on somewhere?

<Lisa_Seeman> next item

<janina> Sounds like drum practice!

face to face

lisa: can Neil host?

neil: need to know how big of a room to ask for

michael: should be no more than 10-15 active people

<janina> Calling in will be the same as today--people will call into Zakim

lisa: we internet access and the ability to call in

<janina> So, only Internet access

<neilmilliken> leant on my phone give me a mo whilst I dial in

lisa: we have about 6 people who can come

<EA> which date have we chosen?

<EA> Thank you

<EA> Yes 21/22nd best for me

lisa: either April 21-22 or 27-28, preference for the 21-22

<JohnRochford> 21/22 best for me too

<Lisa_Seeman> next item

neil: internet should not be a problem
... the meeting room would be more of an issue

lisa: are the techniques on GitHub?
... has everyone got their usernames to Michael?

<Tony_Doran> Yep - done can edit etc

<Lisa_Seeman> https://github.com/w3c/coga/tree/master/techniques

lisa: taking techniques that are in user research and putting them into techniques
... there's a new document

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Gathering_User_Preferences

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Adapting_content_for_coga_personalization

lisa: if people want to review those they're available and see if we've missed anything
... I wrote a draft to the list on accepting research

<Lisa_Seeman> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-cognitive-a11y-tf/2015Feb/0022.html

lisa: tim sent some links as well, we can approve this and add to the wiki page
... we should have some kind of protocol in place for including research, we can't check every piece of user research
... that gives us a lot of flexibility for whether we include research or not

<Tim> do we have a disclaimer concerning the research we include in place?

<JohnRochford> +1

lisa: are we ok with that?

john: ok

ea: yes

<neilmilliken> Ok

sounds good to me

<Tim> +1

lisa: we can go back and change it if we're not happy about it
... great, that's resolved

<Lisa_Seeman> resolved to incde criteria by which we decide what research to accept.

<Lisa_Seeman> For example

<Lisa_Seeman> Due to practical constraints most research will simply be cited and not examined for credibility. However the following cases will rely on task force consensuses before inclusion.

<Lisa_Seeman> -Commercial research that implies the use of a specific proprietary product will be examined for scientific credibility before being included

<Lisa_Seeman> -Research where the task force is aware of contradictory evidence (including anecdotal) will be examined for scientific credibility before being included

lisa: any other items?

ea: looking at techniques page, regarding research, there's a lot of information without references, for example, in the sign language section
... there aren't any research links in the techniques document
... or very little

<EA> https://github.com/w3c/coga/blob/master/user-research/index.html

ea: actually, that's the wrong one

<EA> https://github.com/w3c/coga/blob/master/user-research/index.html

ea: ok, will check this privately

janina: from the command line you can see the changes by "git log"

lisa: how can we see the techniques page as a web page

<Lisa_Seeman> michael?

janina: you can point your browser at a local copy

<Tony_Doran> Need to drop off.

i think you have to have a local copy to see the page in a browser

janina: you can see the rendered document if you leave out the "index.html"

<neilmilliken> I have to drop off

<neilmilliken> will keep you posted on the rooms

janina: we have to separate viewing the source from viewing the rendered version
... in the published version there's a link that you can click to see the rendered version
... it might be a 10-15 minutes before you see the changes

<Lisa_Seeman> https://rawgit.com/w3c/coga/master/techniques/index.html

janina: the commits are commited every few minutes

lisa: this link takes you to the rendered document

Summary of Action Items

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