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ACTION-173 (edit) open And debbie dahl to draft issue paper on coga use groups using bots including spelling,, asking for help, losing context, making mistakes, need to write the right words John Kirkwood 2016-07-18
ACTION-189 (edit) open Cambron and jan and bernard user reserch module on emotional dibilities Thaddeus Cambron 2016-12-12
ACTION-192 (edit) open Help john kirkwood on issue paper on bot Susann Keohane 2016-12-19
ACTION-196 (edit) open Copy edit the new tables at including adding acronym tags John Rochford 2016-12-19
ACTION-208 (edit) open Set time 10 easten on monday Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-03-27
ACTION-209 (edit) open Make a poll and tell everyone Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-05-01
ACTION-210 (edit) open Look into what is a section lenght that needs a summary sentece in eduaction matirials Jan McSorley 2017-05-15
ACTION-216 (edit) open Make poll for new time Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-06-12
ACTION-220 (edit) open Try and set up the meeting with web authetifcation Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-06-26
ACTION-221 (edit) open Check with david mackdonald, on feedback back issue 54 Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-07-31
ACTION-222 (edit) open Set up google doc for understading section Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-10
ACTION-223 (edit) open Ask michale to set suplement templatre call Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-10
ACTION-224 (edit) open Set up google doc for understading section Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-10
ACTION-225 (edit) open Reach pout to silver michael and jannina if they like the idea of issue paper scoping diffrent askiects of accessibilty inclusive Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-17
ACTION-226 (edit) open Ask the list sugestions. isue paper in how to make ict accesble, to coga, scope wider then wcag, include usertesting, we include bot, we incude user g=agents, speficis such as navigation. , go fencing, Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-17
ACTION-227 (edit) open Milliken, shari , andy think about structure of Neil Milliken 2017-08-24
ACTION-228 (edit) open Copy info fro the issue Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-31
ACTION-229 (edit) open Tell thad about tpac Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-14
ACTION-230 (edit) open Make timeline Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-14
ACTION-231 (edit) open Make timeline Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-14
ACTION-232 (edit) open Make template in google docs for converationanal interfaces Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-14
ACTION-233 (edit) open Ask wcag who would like to have a call on how to minimise the risk to sc's Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-14
ACTION-234 (edit) open Ask john r, and mike to take on an accessible authfication technque Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-21
ACTION-235 (edit) open Ask shari abour ull information and supplement Jan McSorley 2017-09-21
ACTION-236 (edit) open And lisa to do a technique on monday Jan McSorley 2017-09-21
ACTION-237 (edit) open Add some content to ull information and supplement as examples Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-09-21
ACTION-238 (edit) open Work with john k. to fill out agendum 6. "next issue papers for people who are autistic Pietro Cirrincione 2017-09-21
ACTION-239 (edit) open Send petro a draft email for review of wcag 2.1 Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-10-05
ACTION-240 (edit) open Ut together the persona section for the Jan McSorley 2017-10-05
ACTION-241 (edit) open Make "linked to " document fpor persona Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-10-05
ACTION-242 (edit) open , and lisa add the coga sc to John Kirkwood 2017-10-05
ACTION-249 (edit) open And shari to help lisa write the system requirments Jan McSorley 2017-11-09
ACTION-251 (edit) open Check with silver that coga experts are being included in 1. process and 2. stakeholders John Kirkwood 2018-01-11
ACTION-252 (edit) open Millikem, kirkwood and all to try with recuting Neil Milliken 2018-01-11
ACTION-253 (edit) open Campbell to own the techniques for wcag Alastair Campbell 2018-01-18
ACTION-254 (edit) open Campbell write recuting blurb Alastair Campbell 2018-01-18
ACTION-257 (edit) open Find out who intends to serousrly work on the apendix or edit it . Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-01-18
ACTION-258 (edit) open Staw poll for serousrly work on the apendix as sub team Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-01-18
ACTION-259 (edit) open Chec itf people want a new time Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-01-25
ACTION-260 (edit) open Review comments at and check they are adressed in understding sections in Alastair Campbell 2018-02-01
ACTION-261 (edit) open Review understding sections in Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-02-01
ACTION-262 (edit) open Make document for pillers/ areas that we would like to see changes Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-02-15
ACTION-263 (edit) open And john kirkwood to look at roadmap and gap anlisis genral edit and make it understandable John Rochford 2018-02-15
ACTION-264 (edit) open And john kirkwood to look at roadmap and gap anlisis genral edit and make it understandable John Rochford 2018-02-15
ACTION-265 (edit) open Make a google docs to vet the tables, and other items for the gap anlis publication Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-02-15
ACTION-266 (edit) open Move aproval to google docs Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-02-22
ACTION-267 (edit) open Write to wcag and check are techniqies are in. Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-02-22
ACTION-268 (edit) open Write to wcag with the links from branch of understanding and techniques Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-02-22
ACTION-269 (edit) open Happy to make his site an implemetation of our sc Mark Wilcock 2018-03-01
ACTION-270 (edit) open Wilcock to review the understanding doc for idenify purpose Mark Wilcock 2018-03-08
ACTION-271 (edit) open Review the understanding doc for timeouts John Kirkwood 2018-03-08
ACTION-272 (edit) open Send john and email wiht uri for the github branch to edit. Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-03-15
ACTION-273 (edit) open Review undering 1.3.5 and 1.3.4 understing Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-04-26
ACTION-274 (edit) open Review understanding timeouts John Kirkwood 2018-04-26
ACTION-275 (edit) open Review undering 1.3.5 and 1.3.4 understing Mark Wilcock 2018-04-26
ACTION-276 (edit) open Review undering E.A. Draffan 2018-04-26
ACTION-277 (edit) open Find uot updates on symbols Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-04-26
ACTION-278 (edit) open Make issue paer summaires a google docs Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-04-26
ACTION-279 (edit) open Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries E.A. Draffan 2018-04-26
ACTION-280 (edit) open Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries John Kirkwood 2018-04-26
ACTION-281 (edit) open Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-04-26
ACTION-282 (edit) open Review the goggle doc on issuepaer summaries Shari Butler 2018-04-26
ACTION-283 (edit) open Campbell to adress comments and notes in the google docs. including and Alastair Campbell 2018-04-26
ACTION-284 (edit) open Review Shari Butler 2018-04-26
ACTION-285 (edit) open Put this into our wiki Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-05-10
ACTION-286 (edit) open Sumarise what is needed and missing from from a w3c section Janina Sajka 2018-06-14
ACTION-287 (edit) open Put together a gogle doc of all our publication and what they are and who they are for, and their purpse Alastair Campbell 2018-06-14
ACTION-288 (edit) open redo names of gap anlisis and add two three senteces on what the section is and who it is for Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-07-05
ACTION-289 (edit) open Do easy reading summary John Rochford 2018-08-02
ACTION-290 (edit) open Make themes less wordy John Kirkwood 2018-08-02
ACTION-291 (edit) open Make script to alow sections to expand Ruoxi Ran 2018-08-02
ACTION-292 (edit) open Seperate apendix Ruoxi Ran 2018-08-02
ACTION-293 (edit) open Make second draft of easy reading summary Jan McSorley 2018-09-13
ACTION-294 (edit) open Review gap analisis and see what is missing. (maybe chanlges in the user reserch modules, tables need redone and issue papers updated for emtional and gps and conversonalal interface Janina Sajka 2018-10-11
ACTION-295 (edit) open Scedule face to face Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-10-18
ACTION-296 (edit) open Add links to undfinshed workl to summary of our docs in wiki Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2018-10-18

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